Cube - Trilogy Boxset (3 disc) £4.99 Delivered - Choices
Cube - Trilogy Boxset (3 disc) £4.99 Delivered - Choices

Cube - Trilogy Boxset (3 disc) £4.99 Delivered - Choices

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Spoilt for choice today with all these DVD bargains!

Here's another one from Choices priced at £4.99 and is part of their 4 titles for £20.

Three films. Cube Zero, Cube & Cube 2: Hypercube.

Quidco @ 5%

EDIT - part of the FIVE for £20 selection.
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Never heard of it but going for around £13 - 15 on ebay. :thumbsup:

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Never heard of it but going for around £13 - 15 on ebay. :thumbsup:

I haven't seen any of the films either but fairly good reviews on Amazon..:)

Three features. In 'Cube' six strangers awaken to find themselves trapped in a surreal prison with only a limited time to escape. They must cooperate to escape the endless maze of interlocking cubical chambers which are armed with lethal booby traps. Includes 'Cube 2' and 'Cube Zero'.

These films are great and would make a great present for someone into scfi/horror, they were made on a budget but became cult classics, story lines and tension is brilliant, highly reccommend viewing at this great price .. ordered , heat and rep added!

should just point out a slight error in original post, you actually get 5 for 20 quid !!!

Definitly worth buying Cube and Cube zero are great films, cube 2 hyper cube is ok but not as good as the other 2.

All 3 films are the same just different 'actors'. Not bad to pass a few hours with though if you're into films like Saw.

I've seen Cube and Cube 2. The former is better than the latter, as theres some dodgey CGI, but they are very good films for a low budget flick.

first film great
second bad
third , refused to watch

Bargain! Shame I already own it...


first film greatsecond badthird , refused to watch


Well, I dont' refuse to watch the third, it's just that as you say - 2nd is bad.

1st is great.

Cube is an absolute classic, if slightly tarnished by some proper b-movie acting in places. Second one was too ambitious I thought, the budget CGI is incredibly poor, but having said that it's still a good solid story and I personally enjoyed it. I would imagine that part III is an absolute turkey, but I would still rate this as a very very hot deal @£4.99

I bought this set from HMV a few weeks back for around £7.50 I think. Quite enjoyed the first two films to be honest and at 5 quid for three DVD's it's a bargain.

Withdrawn from sale
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