Cube World: Fitness Fanatic And Musician cubies was19.99 now 7.99 delivered
Cube World: Fitness Fanatic And Musician cubies was19.99 now 7.99 delivered

Cube World: Fitness Fanatic And Musician cubies was19.99 now 7.99 delivered

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these cube toys have become very popular .i have been after a pair for ages but wasn't willing to pay 19.99.S now they are a great buy.

They do have other sets available but no differant ones for £7.99 but some around £9.99 onwards.

don't forget quidco.

Stick people stick together. Play with one or build a world, they'll play, visit and interact with each other. Play games and pester them, tilt the cube and an interactive motion sensor will cause the stick men to fall on their side and upside down. Build a world. Stack 'em for an interactive block party! Stick men will interact and visit each others cube.
Press the on button and a stick character will appear. Each stick character has unique animations and will interact with their object (microphone, treadmill, hoover, workbench). Each cube also has a fun stick game. This will allow you to control the movement of each stick character. At the end of each game your score will be displayed.


I've spent a fortune on those little pixel guys, now I can spend slightly less, many thanks!

Anyone that doesn't have any of these yet that are planning on placing an order... buy two packs. It's only when you have at least 4 cubes together that the real fun begins.


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thanks now you tell me i have brought 3 lots but all for gifts only keeping 1 set for daughter.might have to get more these are fun to watch .they are for the kids honest !!

Well, you don't HAVE to have at least four, just saying that some of the interaction is a lot better when you do! Not to mention the fights... poor little blighters!!!

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hi yes i do toally agree i have just got another set so the kids have a pair each and then i have 2 for gifts i think my nephews will love them .although one nephew is 13 i hope he is not too old but i think they are great and i'm 27 lol.
thanks for advice river .

just ordered 4 of these cant wait now make a good edition to my work desk

My series one guys are sat with me

Gotta love those stick men

The ones in the original link are now back to £12.99 :x


they have 2 different sets still at £7.99 each in the clearance section :-D

(don't forget your 2% discount from Quidco!):



The ones in the original post are now £12.99!!!!
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