Cube World Town Square buy 2 for £29.97

Cube World Town Square buy 2 for £29.97

Found 23rd Nov 2007
The description and features both say two cubes are included.

I have phoned Tesco's (11:30 - 23/11/2007) and they have confirmed that 2 are supplied.

These are £29.99 each in Argos. I'm still sure Tesco have a misprint on the website.


...I've just ordered these so I'll let you know what turns up :-)

Welcome to two newbies.. grant & kaf70

Well, hello to you too!!! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your site - I shall be telling all my friends!!! (Although not til I've bagged all the best deals first *ahem*...) ;-)

Hmm, so only one has turned up and it isn't either of the ones I ordered! I've been ringing Tesco Direct for the last 20's ringing....and ringing.....and ringing...ooh an answer....yes, that's right, 2 Cubes, I've received one. Oh the warehouse made a mistake..what's that, you'll refund this one and re-order the two? Ok....
So I now have to wait for the NEXT delivery to let you know what I NEXT this space:whistling:

OK, so courier has just turned up to collect the wrong ONE and delivered the new.....ONE!!!! So, on the phone to Tesco Direct, the lady thinks there may be an error (duh) so she is going to contact HO and then phone back and let me know....what a kerfuffle!!!:giggle:

Did they get back to you?

Actually these items are on 3 for 2 at the minute, but there is a mistake on the site and you can get these on BOGOF!! So you order two packs (i.e. 4 cubes) and collect at store for just £29.97 the lot! Go get 'em Floyd!

I ordered two through the BOGOF offer but I only got 2 altogether rather than the 4 I was hoping for. Please let me know how you get on with your phone calls!!!!!

Just to update my last post. I went to the tesco direct store to ask about the cubes. They phoned the head office, (which took them about 2 minutes in all) head office said they could not supply me with some more cubes but would credit me with half the amount i paid. so in all i had 2 cubes for £15, not to bad a deal then. hope this helps. Tescos have now credited my account by £29-95 so i actually didn't pay anything for the cubes in the end !!!!!!
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