Cubic Ninja 3DS £7.99 Pre Owned Instore @ Game

Cubic Ninja 3DS £7.99 Pre Owned Instore @ Game

Found 19th Nov 2014
The Suddenly Sought After Cubic Ninja Is Only £7.99 Pre Owned @ Game
Ive Seen This In A Few Stores Prior To The Price Going Up Due To This Being A Rather Poor Game So Might Be Worth Checking Local

Incase Anyones Wondering I Got This In Halifax & It Was The Last One

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Cubic Ninja, not Cave Story
Sorry I Had Cave Story On The Mind
I checked a bunch of stores local to me (Glasgow) and had no luck. Pretty sure at least one of them had it before but that was many months ago so it was probably bought since even before the recent news.
CEX offering £34 cash for these now
Out of stock
Sorry, I meant out of stock in Wigan.
Why are they suddenly sought after?
used for 3ds homebrew... funny part is uk ones arent even useable yet LOL
The reason why people are after this game is to hack their 3DSes or sell it at a much higher price.

CeX is selling it for £60 used... uh, what CeX?

But again, once they find another game that has an exploit the price will drop down.
I managed to get one in my local branch for £7.99 yesterday :-)
May be labled as £12.99 but will be £8 at register, bought a couple labled like that earlier, rang up cheaper.
still in stock? im in uk and late to the party ):
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