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Posted 3 January 2023

Cucumber Pacific Salmon 418g £1.99 @ Farmfoods

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Just had the email.

In stores nationwide now

Doesn't state whether red or pink but even Farmfoods wouldn't sell 418g of red salmon at this price so I think we have to assume it's pink!!

Can't find any prices on this elsewhere but for a guide this is what Tesco are charging for this size.

64% more!

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  1. berisford's avatar
    £1.99 has been the regular price in the Mansfield store for quite a while now..........and yes, it's pink. (edited)
  2. muniphobia's avatar
    Cucumber label their Red Salmon as Red Salmon and this ain't red...
  3. Pancakes42's avatar
    What do you eat even this with
  4. Lehi's avatar
    Haven't tried this one. I've been buying the princes lemon and black pepper tins of salmon from farmfoods for some time now. 2 for £1.50
  5. luminox's avatar
    Red or not, retailers are messing about again by not stating which salmon it is
  6. AugQX's avatar
    49217233-EYwQP.jpgCucumber or Salmon?
  7. dvdvicar's avatar
    Apart from Red or Pink, I would be more interested in what part of the Pacific it comes from.
    Fukushima special?
  8. mykaloen's avatar
    at that price, it has to be pink.
    bellboys's avatar
    Has to be so put that in the OP.
  9. Gemsa's avatar
    Hopefully not sea cucumber
  10. luminox's avatar
    Like eating cardboard
    bellboys's avatar
    How do you know? When have you eaten cardboard and what were the circumstances that led to you eating it?
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