Cuisinart GRSM1U sandwich maker chrome £29.99 down from £50 @ Costco

Cuisinart GRSM1U sandwich maker chrome £29.99 down from £50 @ Costco

Found 18th Dec 2012
5yr guaranteed Cuisinart GRSM1U deepfill sandwich maker chrome £29.99 at Costco.

Around £50 at amazon and john lewis.
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Is that net or with vat included?

Is that net or with vat included?

vat included
Have some heat
Cheese toastie - yum
Destined to be used once, then live in the cupboard!
The edges of the toasted sandwich always go rock hard...
Has low, med and high setting, edges were fine on first try today
Got one in last sale...don't use it often but when I do... it's makes great thick hot toasties
And it's build to last
little review, had this for about under 2yrs i think. brought one and love it. on 3rd one due to my mistakes, broken handle and scratched plate by not using oil but butter and filling burned on hard.

pro-deepish fill, cook eggs in it for perfect sandwich size, 3 settings, washable plates, heavy compared to most, recipe book

con-handle cant support heavy push on it(snapped mine off trying to get a deep fill with thick bead to close) use something heat resistant and push down on the metal top, plates can scratch so wash carefully, and use olive oil to keep plates nice and new

Can't find it on the site.
I can't find this item on the Costco Uk site.

Will have a trip to my nearest store tomorrow or Monday.

Thanks for posting.
Good deal we got one for Christmas last year and it cost 45 quid on amazon. Costco seem to have these in on and off.

Really good little machine. Easy to clean but the handle clip breaking if you force it down is a known issue. Easily avoided though by putting pressure on the metal part of the handle rather than the plastic bit. Glad I read the reviews before hand or I would have made the same mistake.

For anyone that's interested I have found kingsmill bread seems to be the perfect size for this as the do slightly larger slices. The deep filling area can leave smaller slices not crimped as well at the edges.
Thank you for the Kingsmill tip! Mine quickly banished to the back of the cupboard due to bread not fitting - had presumed it was a USA/UK issue. Just saved me the cost of buying another one, thank you!!
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