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Culinare MagiCan Can Opener - £4 (Free Click & Collect) @ Argos

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Reduced from £6.25

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Trouble opening those tight cans of juices and tinned food that you just got from the supermarket? Not anymore. The MagiCan can open any kind of cans with out any hassle. It is super easy to clean too.

  • Made from: plastic.
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 5011268943263.

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    If using any can opener, please cut off the ENTIRE lid. Too many animals get their heads trapped in them with no way to remove on their own, and die of starvation if not caught in time.
    Better yet if you recycle ♻️
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    They are rubbish, useless
    This version is. My old one has been going 22 years without a problem.

    When they updated the design they became really cheap and flimsy. The old version is heavier but very solid.

    I also have this version from a house move when I needed a spare. It sits in a drawer unused.
  3. Avatar
    Don't waste your money
  4. Avatar
    Saw one in Asda yesterday for £5.50 but it looked cheap and flimsy to be honest
  5. Avatar
    Had one for about 10 years, still going strong. Those cheap metal ones are woeful.
    You probably have the older design of this which is so much better than this thing.
  6. Avatar
    Terrible can opener, especially bad opening tins of salmon with sloped sides.
  7. Avatar
    Literally just returned mine to Amazon this morning - they're pretty poor.
  8. Avatar
    You'll like it

    but not a lot

    now that's magic!
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    I've had one of these for years. They open tins. Good deal
    Ive had mine for years too, I used to struggle finding tin openers that worked, or continued to work as they always broke on me from 49p ones to £15 ones. This one has never let me down. (Altough I did pick up a backup one in Asda a couple of weeks ago for £3)
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    Been using ours for 10 years + & still going strong
    The new ones have hollow handles vs the old ones which don't.
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    These cut the side of the can just below the top rim (rather than just inside the top of the rim). What you're left with is a very nasty, sharp, circular blade that deserves respect otherwise ....
  12. Avatar
    Have used Culinare, was strong and lasted good few years. Latest ones feel cheap . I started using these and recommend...