Cupcake carrier £1.80 @ Asda

Cupcake carrier £1.80 @ Asda

Found 9th Jul 2014
Cupcake carrier offer in store and online was £6 before now £1.80



Useful item for the price! Thanks

These are a £1 in poundland

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Yh I have the pound shop one to very poor quality it can't even carry the weight and clips don't even clip in. @hilaandra2[

Ordered - thanks!
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Worth a try, thanks

I can say these are made with good quality strong plastic as I bought one last week for the same price.

oos online

1st World issues...

Can't find it online?

Oops online ;0(( thanks anyway ;0)xxx

oos thats y cant see online


These are a £1 in poundland

Like every other item in poundland

I have one of these and they they very good quality.Long lasting.Great price!!!!

These were a bargain at £4 so have some heat! Any similar quality alternative (not the wobbly Poundland ones where the cupcakes tip over easily) is at least £8-10 upwards.

out of stock!

Thought these were good at £6 each so this is a bargain. It has a reversible insert allowing you to carry 13 cupcakes/muffins or 24 fairy cakes. I have two & they've been used regularly for nearly two years & still going strong. Heat added.

Thanks OP - picked up the last two from my local branch. Good quality too. Heat

This is a real bargain, I bought one full price last year and have used it lots. Very good quality, I thought £6 was good so this is a bargain!

Just found last one in asda queslett, great deal!
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