Cuponk, cup and ball game, 1.99 at home bargains

Cuponk, cup and ball game, 1.99 at home bargains

Found 27th Jul 2013
Although I haven't tried it out yet, I believe this to be a fun game where you must try and lob a plastic playing ball into an also plastic but electronic light-up cup.

The Cuponk box includes (as seen on the actual product)...

1 Electronic CUPONK Cup
2 Official CUPONK Balls
30 Card Trick Deck
Instruction Guide
1 Backhand Backboard

There are three different Cuponk themes available: King of LA (purple), Boomshakalaka (yellow) and Monsterosity (blue).

At this price I think it's a must buy, especially if you want to buy this product for a very low cost (or if you're preparing early for Christmas!). Amazon prices go for 5.00 and upwards.

I'm not sure if this deal is national, for I couldn't find it on the website, but I think it could be. If not, dash off to the store in Waterlooville because there are, if I recall correctly, seven Cuponk sets left - one Monsterosity and six King of LA.

Enjoy looking for Cuponk! (:
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been at this price in birkenhead for a while, so probably national, though I think you might as well just use a drinking glass and ping-pong ball for the same game
Been in store since before christmas, just hasn't shifted yet.
Though the chance of it is small, I'd rather not risk smashing my drinking glasses using that method.

Anyways, those are used for drinking water/juice etc. Same principal goes for ping-pong balls - they're for ping-pong.

Well, I guess nobody on here likes Cuponk then. ^o^
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