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Limited Offer - 20% off Gourmet Coffee at CuppaCo
I use CuppaCo every month for tea, now they're offering 10-20% off gourmet coffee so I bought some of the kopi luwak as it's meant to be amazing. Saved over a fiver so was well happy with that.
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We're talking Sloane here, so you must mean:

chopped pork shoulder meat, with ham, salt, water, modified potato starch [binder], and sodium nitrite [preservative]


It's not that cat got her tongue ... doesn't work with Sloanes .... it's just the weekend; Orf to the wine bar, yah?

How much are they paying you to promote them?

And what brand of coffee do you choose when you're paying? Truth now!!!

You need to brush up on honesty, and pop into Aldi. I used to work with Sloane 20-something marketing types; I know the style. Brazenly talk **** until brought down to earth

Original Poster

LOL, you need to chill. I love coffee, I like to try new (and yes sometimes more expensive) blends all the time. Not saying it's better, just saying I'm excited and wanted to share my joy!

P.S from experience, it's fact, not delusion, unfortunately!

Happy Friday

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