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Posted 25 August 2023

CUPRA FORMENTOR 1.5 TSI 150 V2 5dr DSG Car + add £615 for Metallic paint option

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Whatcar target price is - £34k

CUPRA FORMENTOR ESTATE 1.5 TSI 150 V2 5dr DSG with Solid paint, 6 speakers, Safety and driving pack (M) - Formentor, Tyre repair kit

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  1. cibarious's avatar
    Hello - I actually have leased this exact car and have had it since December 2022 and would offer the following comments on the vehicle rather than this deal.

    The car looks great but do not expect to be able to get a couple of holiday suitcases in the boot, even with the floor dropped. You will certainly have to put your hand luggage inside. Not very safe if you need to stop off at a motorway services on your way to the airport/ferry or UK destination!!

    Imagine trying to go anywhere with any form of paraphernalia if you have small children.

    The interior is comfortable and the visibility is good too. The amount of road noise is less welcome.

    As to the electronic control systems, good luck with trying to discover how 90% of it works (that is NOT an exaggeration). The handbook is over 300 pages and the most prominent things in there are the warnings to "be careful when opening the door in case you hit someone". They do not even provide a manual for the electronics online, you have to hunt around the Internet in the hope that someone will have found the answer to what is puzzling you. The Driver Groups are just as frustrated as I am by this lack of information.

    On a long distance run, I get between 42 and 50 mpg as I like to save fuel/money.

    I could add a lot more niggles... (edited)
    andym979's avatar
    Got the same car, add the fact that some software updates need to be done at the dealer, and they are not happy to do this work if there is no issue. Have to make up an issue before they will do the update - infotainment system is rebooting is a good one.
    This affects pretty much all VAG cars as they have moved so many controls from physical buttons to control via the infotainment system.
    Coming from a Škoda, I miss all the cubby holes it had.
  2. bigwheels's avatar
    Nice looking car.
    A this price I think I will stick with my plan to get a Corolla Sports tourer 2.0 Excell for around £30,400.
    I need the boot space and 50 plus mpg.
    cibarious's avatar
    On a long distance run, I get between 42 and 50 mpg as I like to save fuel/money.
  3. Dirtball's avatar
    150 bhp engine in a Cupra
    MonkeyMan90's avatar
    Cupra is a brand now not a trim level
  4. Tanuki334's avatar
    Waiting on the new model the Agitator....who names these cars?
    Messiah94's avatar
    The Cupra Formentor is named after the Formentor Peninsula, which is on the Spanish island of Majorca. Cupra is a Spanish brand... (edited)
  5. Uranus's avatar
    Pretty sure thats not the v2 spec in the picture.
    sajidtg's avatar
    Maybe not, system pulls image from website.
    Looks similar at Arnold Clark too


    Then again, I can't tell.
    Thank u
  6. mattd555's avatar
    Another SUV with zero room for luggage? Why do they make these
    M_z's avatar
    Looks more of a chunky hatchback than a SUV to me, but I guess if your priority is luggage space, you need to have a good look before you buy one.
  7. ACIDFORUMS's avatar
    So many complaints on this car
    leelukehope's avatar
    Can you direct me to where these complaints were or let me know what they were? I’ve been considering one of these at some point and don’t want to regret getting one.
    Thanks (edited)
  8. tgk280's avatar
    This car was quickly taken off my list off possible purchases. Great price but issues and the infotainment system put me off , I like buttons.
  9. mrpipster's avatar
    I lease the V2 and I love it.
    An SUV that's fun to drive.
    Has the Cupra spirit like the old Leon Cupra.
    Much prefer it to my 2 litre A series
    You get used to the infotainment system, even the reboots and Android Auto wireless is a boon.
    I've had lots of admiring comments.
    Try one before committing if unsure.
    jameel_ismail's avatar
    Is the 1.5 good enough?
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