Cuprinol 5 year Ducksback Shed/Fence Paint 5 Litres in lots of colours was £13.95 now £8 C+C @ Wilko

Cuprinol 5 year Ducksback Shed/Fence Paint 5 Litres in lots of colours was £13.95 now £8 C+C @ Wilko

Found 30th Jun 2016
Seems to be the cheapest price around at the mo for this Cuprinol 5 year Ducksback Shed / Fence Paint 5 Litres,it was £13.95 & is now £8 with FREE C+C. Lots of colours to choose from, great reviews across the net, We use this for our fences / sheds & we live in an area that has quite harsh weather conditions & it's stood up really well.

Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback has an advanced wax enriched and non-drip formulation that colours and weatherproofs sheds and fences for up to 5 years. Cuprinol 5 year Ducksback is quick drying, low odour and safe to use around plants and pets. Drying time is 2-4 hours (shower proof in just 1 hour). Drying times can vary depending on the nature of the of the surface and the weather conditions. 5L covers up to 24m2 or 8 fence panels (1 coat).
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Brilliant find. The paint is great, used it but does not last the 5 years stated, but lasts longer than the cheaper stuff
5years? More like 5 Months- that is IF you are lucky and it doesn't rains that often. Actually I would say more like 5weeks
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I swear i saw these in Tesco's for £5?

I swear i saw these in Tesco's for £5?

​Thats not the pricier Ducksback version.
Will this stick to previously painted stuff?
5 weeks? More like 5 days!

Glad to hear others have the same experience. This stuff is rubbish. Looks good at first, great finish, but really doesn't last. It sticks to the surface of the wood, doesn't penetrate it, and seems to get washed off in a single great Northern Irish summertime.

I guess it only says it will last UP TO 5 years. So that means a few days is ok.


I swear i saw these in Tesco's for £5?

It was the Cuprinol fence paint for £5 at tesco's
Are people confusing Ducksback (wax based) with the cheaper, regular cuprinol fence paint (water based)? I've had Ducksback on some fence panels for 2+ years and it still looks like new.... I cleaned the panels with fungicide first and then used 2 coats of paint, as per the instructions. No flaking, no fading and the rain still beads on the surface and runs off.

The regular cuprinol fence paint does indeed fade and starts wash off within 6 months or so.
5 litres will coat about 4 not 8 fence panels just got through 5 tins doing my own fence... recommend product.
agree with other comments this isn't good paint won't last 5 years painted mine last year two coats with this stuff and already looks in places like paint is beginning to thin out and has been washed off with rain.
I disagree, I used this stuff, the finish is great and repels water like you just waxed your car. No paint will "penetrate" wood, fence wood is pressure treated with chemicals to prevent any penetration of water. I used this paint in those 2 weeks of sun we had (remember them? Great wasn't it?) a few weeks back now. Finish is like I just did them it was new unpainted wood I should add. My fence blew down last winter. I don't think it'll last 5 years but I'm confident it'll last better than the brown water type paints you can buy. For £8 deffo worth it. Like others said, no way 8 panels. Buy 1 tin per four panels and perhaps a little more for touch ups. Recommended from me!
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