Cuprinol Decking Stain x2 and Power Pad £10 at B&Q saving £40

Cuprinol Decking Stain x2 and Power Pad £10 at B&Q saving £40

Found 8th Jul 2011
On their own, the decking stain/oils are £12 each and the Power Pad is £25, making this a massive saving. For comparison Tesco Direct will charge you £51 for this.
This is not available online but the display in store suggested this is a national deal. I found it in the Reading branch.
This offer includes the option of choosing two of the 1l Decking Oil which gives better protection than the stain.
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Looking for one of these.
Good if its nationwide, Great value if you can get this for a tenner.
Got this and is a waste of money. Does not paint well and the paint refill is expensive for what it is. Avoid. The brush also wear quickly.
Has anyone tried using these on fences? Does it work or will it leak all over the place when used horizontally?
This stuff is crap - dont bother - streaky results - doesn't last long and if the decking isnt brand new - the pads just jam on any rough wood.
Just confirmed this in my local large store, till shows full price of £48.98 and a discount of £38.98 described as "BUY 2 POWERPAD & APP" so clearly national.

Assistant said that she thought it was for this weekend only.

NB my store had loads of the pads but only 4 bottles of the stain (and no oil) so might be hard to find the actual product this weekend (maybe the staff have been hammering the deal)
Got these at Yeading store (lagre store) and they only have about 40 litres, No Natural Oak, loads of Boston Teak.

Till staff couldn't believe the offer and had to get Managers approval before they would serve me. (I did get 4x sets, I never believe their area of coverage)

Heat from me, just expect to be delayed at the till.
Thanks 2 purchased at wednesbury branch heat added.
Thanks, just purchased at the Grimsby store. They where running low on the oil but had a lot of the stain left
I'm standing in the B&Q at Xscape and the offer is NOT on here.

B and q oldham the deal is on, will provide a receipt if requested
Raging have you actually tried checking out through a till. my store has no signs saying its on offer.
Locky uk what colours did they have in oldham? And much stock?
Latics enough pal but no light colours left, if you wabt dark there is plenty
Just picked up 2 of these from my local. Gotta be worth a punt at a tenner!
Just got some from Leeds branch for a tenner, still got some left, bargin.
Sign in Hull B&Q - saw it before this and for a tenner, 2 pack will cover the outside wooden furniture! The Pad looks **** and doubt it will be up too much - but then I want to use it on the summer house!
for £10 its worth a punt. Great find
Phone a few bristol stores, finally fouind it in hartcliffe although there is no sign advertising it! So got them 2 scan it thru the till :-)
I'll check Leeds ring road then.

Cas did scan it for me and it was buy two stain, get the mop thing free!

The very helpful lady also said it was end of line, so buy more stain if need be!

Thanks for adding this deal. I have been waiting for something like this to come up. Store in Aberdare did have some until i got there earlier today. Can't wait to use it. Heat added.
Excellent spot, cheers OP:)
Managed to get hold of some in Dundee today
Got the offer at the Reading branch today. It was second to last power pad there, but plenty of wood stain. Thanks OP.

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Bought one from Swindon branch
Make that 2 lots , just in case it wasn't enough , can't go wrong at a tenner
thanks, bought 2 lots today at B&Q Greenwich
Anyone else bought and tried it out?
Its decent but very poor coverage nothing close to 8.5m2 but all in all good product great price
we had a look in poole b and q, none of the staff had any idea about the offer and when it went through the tills and came up as £10 they all looked shocked and started asking each other if it was right! so we bought 2 lots, at that price even if its **** its worth using for one season!!! HOT HOT HOT EEEWWWW
Called into the Derry store yesterday, not holding out much hope, but there was a nice display highlighting the pad and deck stain at full price!

Grabbed 2 pads and 4 bottles of stain which went through the self service till at £10

So did the only decent thing and went back and got another 2 pads and 4 bottles of stain X)

So big thank you to the OP.
Went to Abingdon branch they told me on Saturday - We do not have it here only at big stores like Oxford.

So off I went to Oxford branch on Sunday - NO display highlighting this so I went and asked. He was very helpful used the phone to search the offer on Hotukdeals. Took me to the check out and said only at point if payment we will find out.

I was lucky - Got 2 pads and 4 bottles of stain £20 the lot. Thank you
I bought this from Sheffield Darnall branch. They had around a dozen power pad devices left, and a similar number of bottles. This is a hot deal because 2L of decking stain alone costs a fair bit more than £10. So you are getting the device for free. But to be honest, having used it, I am not surprised they are giving them away. It isn't much good in my opinion. It is a good idea though, having a sturdy device to avoid the constant bending down with a brush and a can of decking stain, getting up, moving to the next section etc, is such back breaking work. With this you have a battery powered mop-like device that just glides along applying more stain when needed at the press of a button - brilliant no more bending. The problem is it doesn't work that well. The row of bristles are not long enough to get between the grooves of the decking, so to compensate you apply more pressure to squeeze them in. Unfortunately this simply wears out the sponge, which started disintegrating and completely sheared off halfway through the job. After much cursing this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because you could still manage to use the device without the pad and the bristles now reached inside the grooves, allowing me to complete the job. I still had to finish off with a brush because it doesn't reach into the edges. But the job is done for another couple of years. The unit however is now in the bin, the bristles having been completely chewed up, and unlike the pad cannot be replaced. If they could produce a similar device, without the sponge bit but instead a replaceable pad of bristles, they'd be onto a winner. A sponge mop might be fine on a smooth kitchen floor but is no good on decking.
Husband bought this and promptly returned back to store. Very poor coverage and applies streaky. his words "rubbish"
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Well I used it last night and whilst not the best quality in the world the stain itself would cost more than £10 per bottle so returning it because the applicator is poor is not worth it.

I thought it worked ok but would have been disappointed to have paid £50
seen this in 2 stores - erdington and solihull
from the comments the pad might be c**p but £10 for 2 bottles of oil/stain might be worth it for some
i bought 8 litres of the stain and got 4 of the powerpads.
The powerpads are absolutely useless and DO NOT WORK.
I tried 3 out of the 4 and the paint just doesn't go through to the pad properly.
The batteries they give you also die very very quickly.
I've ended up having to do the deck by hand and will be writing to cuprinol about the powerpad this week.
£10 for 2 litres of the stain is ok though:)
Strange I found the pad to work ok, not brilliant but ok.the bottle needs to click properly into the holder but after that it did pump through. There are a set of holes where it pumps through so I cannot see how it can't get through to the pad.
Strange I found the pad to work ok, not brilliant but ok.the bottle needs to click properly into the holder but after that it did pump through. There are a set of holes where it pumps through so I cannot see how it can't get through to the pad.
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