cuprinol garden shades 1l £6 ASDA

cuprinol garden shades 1l £6 ASDA

Found 9th Aug 2014
1l tins of garden shades, had a few different colours but not lots of stock. The £10 tin I got from amazon will be going back seen in Asda Gateshead metrocentre.

Great for those with b&q playhouses!
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I was wondering how many people realise this is a paint and not a word preservative? This stuff is best sprayed I've found, but on rough sawn timber it takes an awful lot of paint to get a good result. Many coats are needed, as many as four on some surfaces and that's no matter how it's applied. I'd have to say that it's one of the worst paints I've ever used. Good price though if you've got to use it, so heat added.
Yeah I was a little confused at first as it highlights 4 year protection on the front, but does also say the wood needs treatment. After that it says pretreated wood will require sanding/stripping and then dealt with as bare wood!

I gather it's supposed to be thin/allow the grain etc to show through so will see how it goes... Thanks for the input.
Available online for £7 in a few shades too.. Black Ash, Country Cream, Holly, Seasoned Oak, Sunny Lime, Sweet Sundae, & Willow.
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