Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1-7 £37.97 @ Amazon

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1-7 £37.97 @ Amazon

Found 27th Nov 2011
Watch hapless millionaire, Larry David in the hit U.S. comedy CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. As usual, Larry is joined by his faithful, beleaguered wife, Cheryl (Cheryl Hines), and his manager, Jeff (Jeff Garlin), while regular guests such as Ted Danson, Wanda Sykes, and Richard Lewis are on hand to add to the mayhem. This release contains every episode from Series 1 to 7.

HMV - 46.97 - 45.99 - 52.49
Tesco Entertainment - 52.47
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Prettay.. prettay.. prettay good
series 5-8 are deffinately the best
bwomp bwomp bwomp....
Best comedy series ever

Hear added, great find OP.
if you dont like this then no one can help you............

so f*****g funny HOT
This show is terrible. Avoid at all costs.
Really love this series, thanks.
Awesome prettay prettay goood
well crafted comedy , we've all been in the awkward situations Larry encounbters , though occasionally a little TOO contrived for my liking , the recent one with Micheal j fox was played out wonderfully . The American Ricky Gervais
funniest comedy series i have ever seen.
You c**t, you c**t!

Possibly the best scene ever!
Excuse me, are you Jewish?
Thanks is it wrong that I'm 24 and have been watching this series since it started airing in the UK some years ago, epic series will wait for series 8 to be included in the set.
I'm going to buy this for my beloved aunt.
The last episode of Season 8 I found to be one of the funniest things I have seen in years, the flamboyant kid, the Swastika, the Parkinsons, the bullet...absolutley fantastic.

Previously I have found this show gets a bit samey, well crafted, clever, but almost predictable. That episode above though (and the last few of season 8 to be honest) have got me back into the show, so I may look into this offer.

Oh, hot by the way.
Love it, my all time favorite show ever!
Awesome find
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