Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1 (DVD) - £6.97 @ Amazon
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1 (DVD) - £6.97 @ Amazon

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1 (DVD) - £6.97 @ Amazon

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Curb Your Enthusiasm is the brainchild of star-creator Larry David, who cocreated Seinfeld and was the basis for the easily rattled George Costanza. Like George, David has a tendency to speak too much, blow things out of proportion, and, most often, fail in the end (and often liking it that way). David's new show is also like its predecessor; it's about "nothing" except following the day-to-day ramblings of a sometime writer and comic (this time in LA). Eternal questions stemming from universal daily dilemmas are honed to perfect comedic absurdity. A notable exception is that the show is only scripted by plot; much of the action is improvised. The first season starts with a one-hour mockumentary following David's return to stand-up for the first time in years. The other 10 episodes follow a more traditional sit-com setup.
David plays "himself" (as does his friend, Richard Lewis) although his manager and wife are played by comedians Jeff Garlin and Cheryl Hines. Although this first season is a comedic gem, one can't take more than an episode or two at a time--it's caustic, biting comedy. The episodes are often built like a house of cards, which the irritable David will surely collapse by the end. --Doug Thomas

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The Pants Tent
Ted and Mary
Porno Gil
The Bracelet
Interior Decorator
The Wire
Beloved Aunt
Affirmative Action
The Group


A ridiculously good show!
I've only seen the first season, and it was amazingly hilarious!
And I hear it gets even better from there!
So £7 is definitely a good price to dip your toe in the water for a taster

i second that, funny series

Pretty...pretty...pretty good.

haha love it, just re-watching it on Sky Atlantic at the moment, seeing as though I lent series 1 to the other halfs dad and have never seen it since

[Larry has a flat tire in the city, and doesn't know how to fix it]

Larry: [to various passerby] You know anything about changing a tire? Wanna help me change a tire here? No? I could use a little help. I need a little assistance. I never took a shop class, and I need a little help. Ok, I'm just coming flat out and saying 'help me'. Anybody want to help a semi-retarded individual change a tire? 25, 30 dollars. 30 dollars to change this tire. 35 dollars to change this tire right now.

[People are ignoring him]

Larry: I'll give you 10 dollars for a verbal response. 10 dollars. Anybody want to make 10 dollars and respond verbally? No?


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Great show. They're currently showing this season on Sky Atlantic and I'd guess the rest will follow.

I bought the seasons 1-6 boxset a few months ago for about £30 and it's absolutely fantastic.


good price
am watching it on sky atlantic and its really really funny

Very funny.....


Beloved season.

Expensive, once you realise how good this show is you'll have to buy all the other seasons

I wonder if you guys can help me here, I never got round to watching all these but theres one sketch I've been trying to find to show a friend, they are at a quite posh party (some charity or ball) and all I can remember the outcome being they all started swearing and shouting individually, I know that's not a lot to go on but anyone any idea what episode that was?

I'll have to buy the boxset and watch them all!

Its the end of one of the series where Larry is involved in owning a restaurant I think

season 3 episode 10 - the grand opening


season 3 episode 10 - the grand opening

You sir as a genious! Thank you so much! Grand Opening Clip so funny!
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