Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Blu-Ray) £11.99 Delievered @ HMV (£15.95 elsewhere)
Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Blu-Ray) £11.99 Delievered @ HMV (£15.95 elsewhere)

Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Blu-Ray) £11.99 Delievered @ HMV (£15.95 elsewhere)

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Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Blu-Ray)


Hot deal!Very good film!

hot! great film, stunning on bluray. still £14.99 pre-owned at blockbuster.

ty very hot

Warm deal as it's been £12.95 @ dvd.co.uk for a few months now

Saw this for free and it wasted 3 hours of my life ;). Don't get what all the fuss is about. Good deal as its cheaper than other places though.

fantastic movie

:x This film is not only to long but boring to. Think I will stick to watching paint dry.

A bit like Dan Brown and books, if don't regularly watch good films you'll probably find this enjoyable. Dull, dull, dull.

Slowest film ever.

It's not un-enjoyable, it could just do with being about an hour shorter.
And I'm not sure why it's "stunning on bluray" - it's hardly a visual extravaganza set against awe-inspiring mountainous backgrounds. Most of it is in a house.

I suppose it's a deal if it's 3 quid cheaper than elsewhere, but I can't see it being something you'll watch time and time again. I love films, and some of the classics I can watch many times, but this is a hard slog and there's no way I'll watch it again - so you're better off renting it from the video shop and saving yourself a few bob.

agree with most folk on here,
really boring film. i watched it over about 4 days. i just kept getting bored with it and having to switch it off, but after 2 hours of watching it i had to see the last hour just so i hadnt wasted 2 hours of my life. instead i had wasted 3!


thanks, good film

Good find. My wife loves this film and I thought the special effects were very good.

Many thanks

Good film but I guess it depends on your attention span and if you find it interesting or not.
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