Current Offers @ Morrisons
Current Offers @ Morrisons

Current Offers @ Morrisons

Nectarines punnet 4pack £1
Magnum all varieties 3pack £1.99 BOGOF
Fishmonger - Fresh Plaice Fillet £8.28/kg
Fox's Chunkie cookies 200g all varieties £1
Walkers meaty variety 26pack £2
Wolf blass yellow label 75cl cabernet sauvignon/chardonnay £4.49each
Cushelle toilet roll 16pack £5
Danepak bacon 220g £1.45
Kellogg's Coco Pops 600g £2
Napolina chopped/ peeled plum tomatoes 4x400g £3.79 BOGOF
Jacob's Club 8pac all varieties 69p
Robinsonns squash all varieties 2litre £1.04
PG Tips 160pack 2FOR£6 or £3.84each
Morrisons 8 thick pork sausages 454g (includes Lincolnshire & Cumberland) 98p each
Lyons super jumbo king prawns 166g £2.49
Birds Eye mini chargrills 250g all varieties £1.97 BOGOF
Chicago Town mini edge pizza all varieties £1.59 BOGOF
*NEW* Budweiser 66 4x300ml £2.49(trial price, future price £3.49)
Gordons Gin/ Bacardi Rum/ Smirnoff Vodka 1litre £13each
Radox handwash clean & protect 300ml all varieties 79p
Olay everyday sunshine moisturiser 50ml £4.32
Guieppes pizzas all varieties £2
Ski yogurts 4x120g £1

Laptop 15.6" screen, 160gb hard drive +free laptop bag & mouse(worth £29.99) £319
VAX RS 3B Carpet Washer £65

Lenor Infusions 750ml all varieties 2FOR£3
Flash febreeze spray 500ml/ Flash 60wipes(all varieties( 2FOR£2 or £1.99each
Finish max in 1 powerball (40pack?) £4 10p per tablet
Morrisons my dog snack & treats 2FOR£2 or £1.22each
Robinsons fruit shoot 8x200ml £1.26
Cheestrings 4pack £1
Munch Bunch 6x42g/ 4x100g 75p each
Morrisons klip & lock food storer 1.9litre £1.45
Bernard Matthews turkey/ chicken breast 200g £1 each
Morrisons bread loaf 800g all varieties 74p

British Rib Eye Steak £10.48/ kg (From the Butcher)
British Pork loin steak £6.46/kg (From the Butcher)
Morrisons Muffins 4pack £1 (From the cake shop)
Wiltshire Ham £1.09/100g (From the Delicatessen)
Peach punnet 4pack £1
Blueberries 125g £1
Sweetcorn cobs 2pack £1
White split tin loaf 50p (From the Bakery


btw - also Bought a loaf of bread today while there ... 30p

Have some heat for taking the effort. See a few hot ones in your post

Good deals on many items, have some heat!

Oooh might take a trip along
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