Currys Essentials C16LDVB11 Refurbished 16" HD Ready LCD TV & DVD with Freeview - £41.79 Delivered @ Currys eBay Outlet

Currys Essentials C16LDVB11 Refurbished 16" HD Ready LCD TV & DVD with Freeview - £41.79 Delivered @ Currys eBay Outlet

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Found 11th Aug 2012
Great price for a little TV for the kitchen or caravan etc.

Grade B refurb which comes with 6 month warranty

Screen size: 15.6"
Screen Format: 16:9
HD standard: HD TV
Brightness (in cd/m²): 250
Contrast: 500:1
Resolution (horizontal x vertical - in pixels): 1366 x 768
Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical - in°): 100 / 80
Audio Power: 2 x 3 Watts
Mono/Stereo Sound: NICAM
Speakers: Built-In
Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, Composite, Component, USB
HDMI Input: 1
PC Input: Yes
DVB-T tuner: DVB-T
Standard: PAL
Double Tuner: No
Teletext: 1,000 pages
Picture enhancement: 3D Comb filter
Multimedia functions: USB PVR compatible, in-built DVD-player
Internet Services: No
Power consumption: On: 29 Watts, Standby: 0.89 Watts
Remote control: Yes
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Handy as a small monitor for a Raspberry Pi
Also, there's a manual here that suggests it can both play from and record to a usb stick or portable drive.
DVD built in to !

DVD built in to !

Missed that, even better. Thanks

Missed that, even better. Thanks

you are welcome

DVD built in to !

DVD? Aah, that takes me back ...
Great price. but if you're not in a rush curry's had a 19" logick refurb listed for £9 more very recently with a dvd player and usb recording too

I picked up a 24" model for £77
usb too! ordered and heat added good find op
wow is the viewing angle really

Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical - in°): 100 / 80

You'd best make sure you sit in the 10x10cm optimised viewing area directly in front of this!

still it's cheap so who cares , it'll suit some people I'm sure
does this work on 12 volt?
I've just had the 19" model delivered. Slight service scratch on top bezel, otherwise as new, very pleased.
I saw this in Currys this week. It really is terribly small. Great, if you sit very close to it, but very very tiny. Fantastic price though for the feature set. It is a hot deal.
Great deal, ordered. Ideal kitchen or caravan/motorhome set and for small bedrooms. Set takes 12V directly and comes with a 230V to 12V psu. LED backlit so should be super light with low energy consumption. Reviews are very positive. I wonder if it will include the scart converter cable its normally supplied with?

Does anyone know if it plays any divx, avi files either through USB or on CDs or DVDs?
Wonder how long delivery would take as I am going away late next week

Wonder how long delivery would take as I am going away late next week

Ordered 19" on Thursday night, dispatched friday and delivered next day on a saturday! Looking at the thread others have had there's delivered aswell, so hopefully delivery for these should be quick aswell.
Nice price.
Looking at the details there is no mention of scart so these will probably lack the scart converter cable normally supplied. No big deal and perhaps some will get lucky.
Another score you've 'FIXED' for yourself?
great for the kitchen! oredered cheers
great price

Another score you've 'FIXED' for yourself?

What are you on about?
Syzable post's lots of things and the fact he moderates makes no odds, it's not like we all get rewards depending on the items we post!…314
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If you want to region unlock yours;

Put it into DVD mode and eject a disk so its just sticking out of the slot.

Type 9735 fairly fast on the keypad and then 0

I'm guessing if you want to set back to region 2 it will be 9735 then 2.

Really nice little tv. 2 hdmi sockets not 1, did come with the scart adapter cable which should support RGB. There is as many sockets on this as many full size sets. Slot loading mechanism is rather smart. Unfortunately doesn't play divx etc from dvds or usb. Only recognises mpegs 1 and 2 as far as I can see.

Amazing how much they can cram into such a little set. The remote is especially nice. Picture very acceptable and sound adequate for a small set. Very impressed.

Mine has no branding at all on the tv or remote except for the currys sticker on the back of the set. Perhaps I'll knock up a little 'Loewe' sticker to put on the front.
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