CURRYS. Microsoft Surface Pro 12,3. 8GB RAM. 256GB SSD. i5 AND Accessory bundle  £1079

CURRYS. Microsoft Surface Pro 12,3. 8GB RAM. 256GB SSD. i5 AND Accessory bundle £1079

£1,079.10Currys Deals
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Use code WINSSD10 to reduce the total price to £1079.10

Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3" yes it's not the cheapest surface, but it's well spec'd with 8GB ram and an i5 processor and this accessory bundle is a great deal.

256 GB SSD
Intel Core i5


Bluetooth mouse and Surface sleeve
Surface Pro typecover (keyboard)

The price for just the Surface 12.3 alone with this spec is £1169 on Amazon. With this you get the keyboard/mouse/sleeve together with it AND you save. The tablet and type cover on Amazon is £1308 and that doesn't include the sleeve and mouse this deal does.

PriceSpy currently shows Amazon as the cheapest. But this currys deal is cheaper plus it comes with a ton of free stuff that would cost over.

There is currently £40 TCB (Windows 10 laptops over £499) option.
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£1,400 at argos. LMAO.
Which i5 is this
LewsTherin18 m ago

Which i5 is this

Not super helpful, all currys says is "Processor- Intel® Core™ i5 Processor
- 3.5 GHz" but I believe it's the Intel 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7300U 3.5
heheh i see a lot of people see either "microsoft" or £1000+ and hit the cold button. But really, it's a deal. You can't get this anywhere cheaper. or if you can, please do share with us as I want one of these.

It's not a dislike button folks. If you don't like it fine, but that doesn't mean it isn't a deal.
Goodness knows what Currys have done to the name, it's the Surface Pro - Intel Core i5 / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM. The CPU is a i5-7300U
FWIW, I have the previous gen Surface Pro 4, with an i5-6300, 4GB/128GB and I'm well pleased with it. So much so, I can see myself replacing it when it gives up with another Surface Pro should MS still be making them. (Paid £699 for mine in Argos when there was a deal on. it came with the pen and I paid £89.99 for the type cover). First "expensive" laptop/hybrid I've bought, prior to that it was all netbooks and budget laptops.
Excellent price, superb machine ... have had one for just over a year and love it.
Anyone interested in buying or doing a swap deal with mine? Details on Gumtree here
Showing oos.
Amazing deal. MS Store Student Deal is £1099 without the accessory bundle (type cover only).
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