Curved Glass Cooker Hood 60cm - Was £149.99 Now £49.99 @ Netto

Curved Glass Cooker Hood 60cm - Was £149.99 Now £49.99 @ Netto

Found 17th Feb 2009
Instore from 23/2. Also 90cm version for £59.99. (Not exact pic but similar)
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Strictly limited stock...
great price!
Does this need to be put in with a flue or is it one with removeable filter?
Ive got one of these, very nice they are!
nice one, my 90cm motor has just packed up

I presume the chimney section fits flush to the wall to hide the extraction pipework

Ive got one of these, very nice they are!

Is it a filter one or flue please?
I got my friend to get me one from the Shenley Church store in Milton Keynes. She was there as they opened the doors, and good thing too, because they only had one of the 90cm models which was the one I wanted. Apparently there were a couple of other people there who had a bit of a barney with the manager over the lack of stock. They were supposed to have four in total!
Hi can somebody give me some advice.......

I am fitting a new kitchen and have purchased an oven..... and am thinking of getting a chimney hood

I have two main issues

1. My cellings are very high.... so hood well not be flush with celling and well probably be half way along the wall from celling....... does this matter?

2. I am not allowed to drill a hole out behind fan as neighbours house is behind wall and to the side is the front of the house which is in a coservation area... so no outside holes.

Does this mean if I fit the chimney hood it well just be for decoration or can I use it with the holes for the exhust pipe to vent air away?
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