Cushelle 9 Pack £3.00 at Co-Op

Cushelle 9 Pack £3.00 at Co-Op

Found 4th Mar 2016
Just found this deal at my Co-Op works out 33p a roll.
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good find op, heat added
Excellent find heat added
Cop op is great for bog roll offers (and that's about it).
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still £2.25 for 9 pk of Velvet @ Wilkinson.
£3.69 for 3 ply 18 rolls Nicky @ Farmfoods
Every now and then the coop has a good offer, but still doesn't compensate for all their vastly overpriced other stuff though - and if you're living in an area where they're the nearest by miles and nobody else delivers to your street, then basically you're stuffed for everyday bits and pieces.
At least it's better than having to rely on something like a Spar or Londis for a weekly shop.
24 for £7.99 at Lidl
You can get 18 hush toilet rolls 3 ply at One Stop for £4
Wow, people's knowledge of bog roll offers never ceases to amaze me
prefer velvet its softer
We all know the bottom line
On offer at £7.99 for 24 rolls at Lidl, (normally £8.99).

Cop op is great for bog roll offers (and that's about it).

NUS 10% off that
16 Andrex for £5 at Tesco this morning so very slightly cheaper.
Disco Dave

24 for £7.99 at Lidl

Lidl works out more expensive.....
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