Cushelle toilet roll 18pk £5 at Morrisons

Cushelle toilet roll 18pk £5 at Morrisons

Found 22nd May 2012
£5 for 18pk Cushelle. That's 27.8p per bog roll.

Searched but couldn't see this posted.

16 pack in my local.
- collectorcol


Some bog standard toilet roll deals out there but this one is loo-king good.

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That's a bit of a poo joke, I might see if I can wipe it away

Just come home with a pack of these. Very strange, mine only had 16 in it?

Hey it's all money down the drain.........

I think its 16 pack not 18

How much is it normally?

Steaming deal

Asda currently doing a 32 pack (24+8 free) for a tenner if that helps anyone without a Morrisons nearby

good deal, had the s***s recently and these were a life saver

Bought this but it's 16 pack for £5 not 18

Good price just a shame I dislike Morrisons so much!

16 pack
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