Cushelle Toilet Tissue 48 rolls £11.99 Makro

Cushelle Toilet Tissue 48 rolls £11.99 Makro

Found 25th Nov 2016
Cushelle Toilet Tissue
White or Honey
24 Roll
Buy one get one free (so 48 rolls)
£11.99 Inc VAT (£9.99 ex vat)
Equivalent to 25p a roll
Offer on in store from 30th Nov until 13th Dec.
...and a free cup of tea or coffee as always when you're in the store.
My local one is Washington but deal is National.
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Brown Friday ?

Brown Friday ?

Yuk. Now I'm stuck with that image for a while. Thanks.
Lidl have this cheaperCUSHELLE Toilet Rolls
From 26.11. - 27.11. £4.49 24 pack 19p/1 piece
This is on web not sure it UK?…446
The Lidl deal finishes tomorrow (_;).
The Makro deal posted starts Wednesday 30th and goes on until 13 Dec

Edited by: "buckm" 26th Nov 2016
Popped into my local Lidl yesterday to get some Cushelle only to be told they no longer stock it's

They have their own, cheaper stuff now - which is a shame. Yeah I know it's only bog roll ... But Cushelle was pretty decent stuff
been that for months at Bookers, 24 for £10 buy one get one free = 48
Bookers bought Makro so same place in Washington and some other Makro sites have kept the Makro name (with info on Bookers in small lettering on site).
20% for Staff on 6/12/16 and 11/12/16
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