Custom Printed Sticky Notes from £0.99 for 50 Sheets

Custom Printed Sticky Notes from £0.99 for 50 Sheets

Found 18th Jan 2008
We all love the internet and email especially at work, but when those go down like it has been for me at work a few times this week, it can be hard to get a message across to someone...thats where these things come in handy! Stick em on monitors, TV's, desks, your colleges forehead or even your bosses back for hours of fun untill your network is back up. Or get real flash and use your own pictures on your post it notes so now you can stick your face everywhere!



Left some heat for u double a i mean robo_cop

I NEED to get me some custom sticky notes

I have got 3 sets of these so far, they are sooo cool.
They look brilliant and are printed edge to edge in full colour with whatever you want on them, and their preset designs look cool

[img][/img] Be very very very careful what boxes you tick on Vistaprint or you'll end up paying £19.99 per month for membership. They have tricked countless people with this scam. Abbey National told me that the banks are continuously dealing with this problem caused by Vistaprint's underhand way of doing things. I will never use them again.

I can see it for £1.24 not 99p ?! :?

Check you don't get any follow up emails with rewards in the subject. if you do make sure you cancel otherwise you'll be signed up at £10/month. I was really careful and I got an email and I have cancelled the subscription before 30days was up. email is below

How does a customer join VistaPrint Rewards?

You are eligible to join VistaPrint Rewards when you successfully complete a VistaPrint order. After completing a VistaPrint order, customers may be presented with an offer page offering the opportunity to take advantage of a £10 VistaPrint cash back offer for joining the VistaPrint Rewards Program. This offer page contains details about the VistaPrint Rewards Program including offer benefits, services and the associated monthly fee required to participate. If a customer chooses to accept this offer the credit card used for the customer’s VistaPrint purchase will be automatically charged the applicable monthly fees after a 30 day free-trial period, and VistaPrint will transfer certain personal information, including the customer’s credit card information, to a service provider that administers the program. As part of the registration process for the program, a customer is required to enter his or her email address twice, and click the “YES” button stating that the customer agrees with the following statement:

“By clicking “Yes” I have read and agree to the Offer Details displayed to the left and authorise VistaPrint to securely transfer my name, address and credit card information to the service provider for VistaPrint Rewards.”

Following acceptance of the offer, the customer’s information is then transferred to the service provider for the program via a secure encrypted link. Customers are then sent a confirmation email which confirms enrollment, a subsequent email activating the customer’s VistaPrint Rewards Account, and a reminder email at the end of the 30 day free-trial period. These three emails are sent to the email address the customer entered in the registration step.

Dear name,

Welcome to VistaPrint Rewards ! You're receiving this email because you accepted a special invitation to try VistaPrint Rewards . And remember, you are eligible to claim £10 Cash Back on your next VistaPrint purchase! Simply print out your order confirmation from your next VistaPrint order and post this to VistaPrint Rewards PO BOX 587 Edgware HA8 4DX together with details of your Membership ID, name, address and telephone number.

Start saving right now -- simply click the URL below and enter your membership ID number and post code to login!


For your reference, your Membership ID number is: 885254987

Here are just some of the benefits and savings that await you:

l Great savings at John Lewis , Marks & Spencers and Woolworths with vouchers purchased through the programme.

l Enjoy discounts such as 50% off Choice Hotels and many more.

l Plus exclusive discounts from a variety of retailers and service providers. Offers available change monthly over the course of a year, so check back often. You could save thousands of pounds each year.

You'll find details on all these benefits -- and many others -- on the VistaPrint Rewards website. When making the most of your membership your savings will out weigh the cost of your membership to this fantastic money saving programme!

So take advantage of your VistaPrint Rewards benefits during your 30-day trial membership period. We invite you to use our services for the full 30-day trial period. If within 30 day you don't feel that our services and benefits are everything we say they are, simply call us on 0845 026 1100 or log onto the website to cancel your membership. VistaPrint Rewards will automatically charge a membership fee to your card at the end of your 30-day trial period and, unless you cancel. The fee will then be applied on a monthly basis at the then-current fee each new membership month.

Important: Please save this email for future reference and bookmark [url][/url] for instant access to your benefits.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Heath
Membership Programme Director

Before buying from Vistaprint - look at this google search on "vistaprint charging' - as it returns thousands of matches where people have had money withdrawn continually from their credit cards afterwards.…ta=

Here are a few quotes JUST FROM THE FIRST PAGE - but why not check for yourself.

11 Feb 2008 ... BusinessmaxBusinessmax/vistaprint charging my debit card … 11 Feb 2008 ... BusinessmaxBusinessmax/vistaprint charging my debit card without authorization

It would seem totally reasonable to charge VistaPrint for the time out of … It would seem totally reasonable to charge VistaPrint for the time out of your working day that is spent putting matters right

VistaPrint aka ClubPrem aka Premier Club - Credit Card Charging Tactics

The UK Mobile Report: VistaPrint scam warning

3 Mar 2008 ... When I called them, they said that I clicked on a popup, … 3 Mar 2008 ... When I called them, they said that I clicked on a popup, and that Vista Print authorized that charge. This is not true since I have a popup ...

VistaPrint Consumer Complaint - Billed without authorization

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