Cut Price games in Costco (Croydon, maybe others)
Cut Price games in Costco (Croydon, maybe others)

Cut Price games in Costco (Croydon, maybe others)

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I was in Costco Croydon and saw these cut-price games. I got the Monster Hunter Tri, and can confirm it went through the till at this price.

XBOX 360
Spliner Cell Convictions - £9.36 (inc VAT)
Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising - £7.01 (inc VAT)
2010 FIFA World Cup - £9.36 (inc VAT)
Battlefield Company 2 - £9.36 (inc VAT)

Monster Hunter Tri - £8.18 (inc VAT)

(I'll add pictures below)


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My oh also got Disney's Princess and the frog Wii game from there the other day for £6, voted hot

Superb find!

Hot hot hot, Battlefield, SC and Op Flash all bargins!

does anyone know wether or not this is in the leeds store

wow cheap


does anyone know wether or not this is in the leeds store

er, try phoning!!!

well, i thought if someone would know it would be a quick way of learning as costco is closed now...

Where there any ps3 games? May shoot over there in the morn if it is

I also got 3 copies of Endless Ocean 2 for the wii for £5 each.. Got £20 for each of them on ebay..

Do you need to be a member to shop here !!

i'm sure this has been posted before
also BLUR is a tenna

i want monster hunter tri!


i'm sure this has been posted beforealso BLUR is a tenna

Yeh I posted it.

Did you spot any deals on the XBox consoles in Costco?

go and call about your problems ... not like he works for the store or anythin

Sadly you do need to be a member to shop there, think it's about 20 quid annually.

Where's the Costco in Croydon, or do you mean the one in Purley Way? I thought you needed a card for that, like Makro

if anyone willing to pick up a PS3 game for me can u please PM me, i'll be greatful

Same, if someone could pick me one up Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PS3 I would be very grateful and pay the P&P + Give you a couple quid on top for your trouble.

My Mum is a member, but she's on holiday

Could someone help me with some confusion?

Does costco charge a yearly membership fee only if youre an individual? or do you also need to pay to be a member as a limited company owner?

Not exactly sure about membership sorry.

Right, went to the one in Watford, it looks like a store specific deal. All they had for the PS3 / Xbox was fifa world cup, Fifa 10 and Maden 10 (All at RRP)


am just looking for the blur and batman forgot to mention it in my last msg, cos just over £7 is cheap
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