Cute Android Robot Cell Phone Strap Set (4-Pack) £5.45 @ DealExtreme
Cute Android Robot Cell Phone Strap Set (4-Pack) £5.45 @ DealExtreme

Cute Android Robot Cell Phone Strap Set (4-Pack) £5.45 @ DealExtreme

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Proud not to be part of the flock? Do you see through the hype and think for yourself? Do you like to have freedom over what you can do with your phone? Do you like to be able to make calls while holding your phone?

Working out at only £1.37 per keyring don't miss this opportunity to be loud and proud about your love for Android. Be as smug as an iPhone user while actually having a good reason to be so.


other than the contradiction of thinking for yourself yet being pround to be part of the flock, throwing money at looks and gimmicks rather than functionality, sounds very apple to me lol

He said proud NOT to be part of the flock

But yeah, I agree with you. Android phones are just a huge gimmick that will never be anywhere near as popular as the iPhone. Apple got it bang on with the apps and appstore and Android will never attract as many unique and individual developers to their platform.

Yep... that's why iOS is losing market share, and Android is booming. Seriously, the stats on it are staggering, they clearly show Android is not a gimmick, but a very serious player, and Apple should be very scared.

Cue loads of Apple v's Android posts...


Android phones are just a huge gimmick

Wow talk about ignorance! If you spent 5 minutes doing some quick research you would find that Android is far from a gimmick.

I think you'll find most apple app developers, also do a version for Android, if they don't somebody else will. I don't want to get into an Apple vs 'droid flame war, but an rational person can see 'droid is up and coming and will hold a large market share, maybe not as much as Apple, there again, maybe it will, especially as Apple won't allow other manufacturers to use their OS, so the future will be Apple vs Android vs WinMobile vs Symbian (goodbye Symbian!) vs the rest.

Who gives a fk?!?! just pick a phone that fits your needs.

These androids are cute lol ... ordered 1 last time someone listed them and it arrived yesterday

LOL, perfect for the fanboy's of the other side, I suppose :P


How about this one? I think they offered better price.
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