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Cuticura Original Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 200 ml | Pack of 6 x 200ml - £14.94 (Prime) £19.43 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Cuticura Original Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 200 ml | Pack of 6 x 200ml - £14.94 (Prime) £19.43 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

£14.94£23.9938% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Posted 21st May
  • Cuticura Original hand sanitiser
  • Contains 57.6% alcohol w/w (66% alcohol v/v)
  • Alcohol content printed on pack by weight, but this converts to 66% by volume & is above min recommendation level
  • The CDC and WHO alcohol content recommendation of 60% is based on the volume measurement (v/v)
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Quick drying formula
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I got this pack of 6 for £8.94 (yes, the 200ml bottles) just before lockdown and now it’s not far short of double the price.
Appreciated we’re in different times now, but 2 months later and amazon are charging double.
Poor show on them, but I guess it’s not a bad price for these in the current climate.
1.49 each in home bargains
Home bargains cheaper
Amazon taking the p
Bargaincrazy123421/05/2020 10:49

1.49 each in home bargains

that requires going outside and getting it. This way you get it delivered to your door.
If you arnt going outside, why do you need this?
ianbeany21/05/2020 11:21

Crappest response ever

This may not help against Covid, but will help with other stuff, so I feel it is better than nothing, at the end of the day no harm to have it with you.
Cuticura Total is against viruses, but this one. This one will only help you to stay cleaner when you have no access to water and soap. Which is ok IMO. But the price is not, HM has it cheaper. Not voting.
This is 66% alcohol v/v which is more than the 60% needed so it is fine for Covid-19

Unless you listen to RachyM who obviously knows better than the experts..
I think the point RachyM was trying to make is that by following UK expert advice, its has lead to the 2nd worst covid death rate in the world.
Edited by: "wu_tan_man" 21st May
I apologise if anyone felt insulted by my comment. I have deleted it for you.
Didn’t mean for anyone to get their knickers in a twist.

I prefer to use 70%, because I believe it is better. Not because anyone ‘official’ has said so. I just thought I would share my opinion, that’s all. I didn’t realise you have to be an expert to comment. I promise to keep my opinions to myself.

I use hand sanitiser as hand sanitiser, I promise never to inject it, as some have suggested I do.

Stay safe all
I dont think anyone felt insulted or got their knickers twisted tbh buddy.

There's nothing wrong with you prefering 70% - It certainly cant hurt to have more and I can kinda see your logic. Who knows...maybe they will inform us in the future 60% wasn't enough after all.

The issue people had was with you passing your belief off as a fact. When it isn't

You stay safe too.
WHO guidance is that alcohol content in hand sanitisers needs to be between 60 and 80% content by volume to be effective against COVID. Too much or too little and it won't be able to break through the outer defences of the virus cells and defeat it.
I don't get why this is so cold, yet the fruity floral cuticura deal for 6 X 100ml is so hot? The price per 100ml on this deal is lower, so if you want to order hand sanitizer for delivery, then this is the better offer. I've chucked a log on the fire for you to try and heat it up in here!
Voted hot hot hot !!

Here in Northern Ireland & ROI , a 300 ml unbranded sanitizer is sold at £8/€9 which is absolutely disgraceful and this is across almost all pharmacies.

So its definitely fair play to Amazon at this price.
A few weeks ago I paid £15 Inc del for 1L of an unknown brand gel from a random seller. Luckily it turned up ( after two weeks )and is a quality product. However in the world we now live in this seems a fair price if bought with free delivery. I have not seen any reasonable price gel in stock in stores around me. If I needed some more to have at work I would buy this no problem.

It might not be a mega deal , but it's ok by me.

Voted hot.
Edited by: "Nickofh" 24th May
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