Cutting It TV drama DVD Series 1,2 and 3 only £5.96 each delivered!

Cutting It TV drama DVD Series 1,2 and 3 only £5.96 each delivered!

Found 11th Jun 2007
Description for Cutting It: Complete Series 1 (DVD)
All six episodes from the first series of this popular television drama about hairdressers at war, in love and at work. Allie Henshall (Sarah Parish) and husband Gavin (Jason Merrells) own a successful hairdressing salon and Allie dreams of expansion. However, the site they had their eye on, across the road, is taken over by rival hairdresser Mia (Amanda Holden) and husband Finn (Ben Daniels). Finn, it transpires was Allie's first love and it seems that it was not a coincidence that he moved opposite her. Meanwhile there is a hairdressing championship to win.

Description for Cutting It: Complete Series 2 (DVD)
All seven episodes from the second season of this popular television drama about hairdressers at war, in love and at work.

In Episode 1, Allie returns to the salon with her new partner Finn, only to find that Gavin has been getting on fine without her and that she is not welcome back.

In Episode 2, Darcey shows herself to be more than willing to take Allie's place in Gavin's business and his bed. Mia becomes senior stylist at the salon despite her badly-behaved mother.

Episode 3 sees Allie, Finn and Ruby on a family outing to Blackpool, while Mia attempts to ruin Darcey's dreams of being with Gavin by making a play for him herself.

In Episode 4, Sydney runs into an old flame, bringing back memories and stirring up forgotten ambitions.

In Episode 5, Finn is brought down to earth when he is forced to look after his daughters. Ruby manouevres Gavin and Allie together to see what will happen between them.

In Episode 6, Allie and Gavin are brought closer together by a crisis at the salon: the rent has gone ridiculously high and Finn suspects foul play by property developers.

Episode 7 sees Gavin determined to win North West Salon of the Year, and Finn using his contacts and his money to help him achieve this ambition.

Description for Cutting It - Complete Series 3 (DVD)
All six episodes from the third series of the BBC drama, about the bitter rivalries, professional and personal, between the workers of the Henshall-Ferraday hair salon in Manchester. In this series, Allie (Sarah Parish) and Finn (Ben Daniels) get secretly married, even though Allie knows Gavin (Jason Merrells) is the father of her child, Gavin reveals that his parents aren't really dead, and Mia (Amanda Holden) returns after being cleared of setting fire to the salon.


Another bargain from these "up-&-comers" & usually damn fast delivery.
Cheapest on season 4 (not available @ uWish) is round about the £8 mark from several places meaning you could pick up all 4 for around £26 rather than shelling out over 30 quid for the 1-4 boxset (£31.61 inc del from Tesco)

Man, Amanda Holden is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

I told Les Dennis he should never have dumped her, he was a fool!

And the guy that plays Tigger reminds me of someone I used to work with called Bobby Orange.

Some great acting in this between those two characters.
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