Cuur (weight loss system) capsules 99p @ Home Bargains

Cuur (weight loss system) capsules 99p @ Home Bargains

Found 29th Apr 2009
CUUR is an all-natural, proprietary and patented weight-loss supplement consisting of four botanical extracts, designed to help alleviate the difficulties one can experience when trying to lose weight. The formula was created by Dr. Marcin Krotkiewski, a professor in medicine who has spent his entire professional life in the field of weight management and dieting. For over 40 years, he has helped thousands of overweight individuals lose weight, and published over 265 scientific papers in the fields of obesity, endocrinology and appetite. Considered among the leading weight control specialists in the world, Dr. Krotkiewski has revised the way medical professionals think about weight management and dieting. Sometimes referred to as "The Father of European Weight Management Research", he is also known for coining the term "apple and pear shaped bodies", commonly used to describe different types of bodies and their characteristics. In his work, Dr. Krotkiewski has explored many other weight control approaches and the science behind them, including low-carb and low-fat diets, and CUUR is the culmination of his work. Dr. Krotkiewski advocates CUUR in combination with The CUUR Plan for those who need a little extra motivation and help when changing to a healthier lifestyle.

RRP: 26 GBP and seen online for around 20 for 90 (3 per day)

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Got 3 boxes myself and started the course this evening so I will let you all know how I go and if I get any nasty effects but I am sure with main ingredient being green tea that they will make me pee more so tenna lady offers welcome lol.
snake oil - save your money!
Even if it is rubbish, the deal should be "HOT" from over 20 down to under a quid. Alot of diet pills on the market that dont even contain anything recognisable as green tea for alot more money. I have bought them all!
even if it was 1p per pallet it would still be a con :-)

snake oil - save your money!


Healthier food + exercise = weight loss

I don't understand why people want magic pills, if you did loose all the weight you would be slim but unhealthy and unfit :roll:
I would pay more than I have for "HOPE" even though we all know it is exercise and less food that reduces weight, some of us need to feel like we are giving our will power a nudge in the right direction so it is really us doing it. Kinda like a smoker thinking it is rubbish about cigs killing you.
If these worked they would be £99, not 99p, and Dr Krotkiewski would be one of the most famous people who ever lived. Bunch of ****!
Fair enough. In that case you should send me £500/month for your hope.

We all know that important things cost real money. Obviously something as important as weight loss cannot be given away for £1. The truth is available, but obviously has a cost.

Now, off you go for a swift jog around the park, then relax with a nice cup of green tea while you consider my remarkably reasonable offer.

Clinically proven product with no details of the ingredients and no proper published trials? Hmmmm..... chinny chin chin,.…tml
My other half said similar about Weight Watchers. Didn't pay him £5 per week for him to weigh me and tell me I am still a fat c*** either lol. I have paid silly amounts for magic pills but I love HB because some of the stuff is great from there and is also a bargain. I am trying them anyway.
Cuur app

If I come back slimmed down to my perfect weight... I will be dreaming and you will ALL WORSHIP me and my CUUR app! lol
Seriously though soziberry. If you are earnest about losing weight, your GP can recommend ways to do it safely which will give you all the hope you need (i.e. put you in touch with people for whom weight loss has been an issue and have been successful at losing weight) and it needn't cost anything. Giving yourself this 99p magic-pill false hope is really not the way to do it. It makes me cry on the inside thinking that someone consoles themself with this trash.

You'd be happier within yourself if:

a. You decided that you're fine the weight you are no matter what anyone says. Each what you want and enjoy life! Many blokes like their women curvy.

b. You made a firm and proper decision that you wanted to reduce your weight and took realistic steps, which involve effort, will and self-control and provide verifyable results.

It makes me sad to think that people still believe in this garbage in this day and age; just like how people go to spiritual healers, and use crystal to obtain their life goals etc.

And another thing - you don't know what's in those crappy pills. They could actually be doing the exact opposite of what they claim, since there's no evidence of their efficacy.

Best of luck!

/tuppence deposited
The end of point a. sums me up all day long :-D
14st in a day lol
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