cyber bingo val day specail - 500% deposit

cyber bingo val day specail - 500% deposit

Found 14th Feb 2009
Sorry i know val day nearly over but i just relaised...after reading my emails.old customers only!! 500% deposit on minumum £20...when you deposit choose 500% and give you 20 first, then after thats done £80 i think....however i won £120 in using my first 20 pounds so i just with drew it and took the chance of loosing my extra £80., becuase the 80 must be played not withdrew straight awa. any way withen an hour ave turned my £20 into £120!!


Robbin gets :x , takes some finding:…=22 how did you manage it ????

22. Pending Cash-Back

You can get Cash-Back on all deposits! Here's how...
Pending Cash-Back
For their first deposit and all subsequent funding, all players will be awarded a pending Cash-Back. Once the wagering requirements are met for a given pending Cash-Back, the Cash-Back will be credited directly to every player's cash balance. Cash-Back can be played in the games or be withdrawn!

The wagering requirement to turn each pending Cash-Back into CASH is related to the amount of Cash-Back chosen by the player upon funding and the game played; whether bingo, slots or video poker.

Every time you play Bingo, Slots, Video Slots or Video Poker you are one step closer to redeeming your Cash-Back. When playing the games you must wager 3 x times (your deposit + pending Cash-Back amount) to redeem your Cash-Back.

i.e. if you make a £20 deposit and receive a 50% pending Cash-Back of £10 you must play 3 x times (£20 deposit + £10 pending Cash-Back amount) = £90 in wagers to redeem £10 pending Cash-Back and receive CASH!

IMPORTANT: Every £1 played in Bingo will reduce your wagering requirement by £1. Every £1 played in slots or video poker will reduce your wagering requirement by 10p (not £1).

To view your pending Cash-Back and wagering requirements simply log into the website and click on either your 'Balance' or 'My Account/Balance'. The pending balance page will auto update every 5 minutes and you will see the most up to date requirement to redeem your Cash-Back. All pending Cash-Back will be VOID upon making a withdrawal.

Additional pending Cash-Back information:

In all cases, wagering requirements to redeem pending Cash-Back apply to the oldest most valid pending Cash-Back which is highlighted in blue. Once a pending Cash-Back is redeemed future wagers will be applied to the following valid pending Cash-Back.
Every £1 played in Bingo will decrement your wagering requirement by £1. Every £1 played in slots and/or video poker will decrement your wagering requirement by 10p.
Wagers from Instant Bonuses DO count towards meeting your wagering requirement.
All pending Cash-Back are 'blocked' once a withdrawal is requested. Whilst pending Cash-Back are 'blocked', further wagering DO NOT count towards decreasing the wagering requirement to redeem any 'blocked' pending Cash-Back. If the withdrawal is cancelled by the player or the website, the 'blocked' pending Cash-Back will be 'open' once again and future wagering will contribute to the decrease of the wagering requirement to redeem the pending Cash-Back. Absolutely, no retro-payment of wagering will be granted towards meeting wagering requirements whilst a pending bonus is 'blocked'.
The pending Cash-Back wagering requirements are automatically updated every 5 minutes
You can meet your wagering requirements for any pending Cash-Back by simultaneously playing bingo, slots, video slots and video poker. The difference is each game contributes to your wagering requirements at a different rate as per the above information
Mind the expiry date for all Cash-Back granted. Once a Cash-Back expires it will not be available for either future play or be eligible as part of our "Cash-Back" program. By default all pending Cash-Back will expire within 45 days has the right to revoke or remove any Instant Bonuses or Pending Cash-Back.

Instant Bonuses

Bonuses granted in chat games, via bonus codes, loyalty bonuses can be used instantaneously in your player's account without having to meet any wager requirements. Instant bonuses cannot be turned to cash and will be VOID upon making a withdrawal.
Version 1.0.0 Last Updated: 12 September 2008


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aw well whatever you think...however i just put in 20 qudi and half an hou later have came awa with £100 extrs so hot for me!!
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