Cyber Snipa Game Pad V2 Black USB PC @ £17.99

Cyber Snipa Game Pad V2 Black USB PC @ £17.99

Found 30th Jan 2008
Brought this a few weeks ago, and i thought i should share it with you all, because its made my gaming even better.

FPS games like Half Life, Team Fortress, Cryriss etc are so much better now.

Anyone who has played FPS games for long periods of time will tell you that a standard keyboard is just too cramped for precision control and long term game play. The Game Pad can take you to the highest level of skill and help you to be the best in the game. Position it alongside your mouse and mouse pad in a far more flexible way that optimizes game space. You can also connect it to your keyboard via the USB interface. The intuitive key layout reduces the learning curve and improves gaming control, speed and accuracy. "OK soldier, you have your mission. Stay alive out there. That's an order!"

Automated FPS Functions: The most used FPS game functions are automatically mapped to the keys.
Map It the Way You Like It!: 37 keys that can be mapped to user preference
Die Less: Easy to use WASD keys
Plug & Play: USB plug and play - no drivers required
Save Your Wrist: Detachable non-slip palm rest
Sound Explosion: Built in volume control
Glow In the Dark: Side rail light for a blue glow
Get Out Of My Way: More desk space
Interface: USB

Dont Forget to use Quidco as well for even more savings.

This gamepad has increased my frag count and lowered my death count. Although at first i thought the buttons were slightly clunky and some keys were mis positioned, after adapting to the gamepad (which I advise you take the time to do) it has been a good investment and have enjoyed showing it off to my friends!
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