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Early Black Friday Offer - 4 Years VPN for £76.98 (£1.60pm) @ Cyberghost VPN
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
Early Black Friday Offer - 4 Years VPN for £76.98 (£1.60pm) @ Cyberghost VPN
£76.98£38080%cyberghostvpn Deals
Nice offer that's just went live over at Cyberghost, offering you 4 years of VPN coverage for just £76.98 ($99) for the 4 years, which works out to around £1.60 per month! If you'… Read more

No problem, saw a deal on here for lifetime pro for around £35 (unlimited bandwidth and ad blocking features forever)


I had this offer few months back..


is there a code to get 50gb/m? i just registered and its showing 10gb as my allowance


I didn't realise just how bad Cyberghost was until I moved to Windscribe on a forever contract for £30. Wouldn't touch Cyberghost again with your bargepole never mind mine.


Been using cyperghost for quite a few years now. No idea what people are going on about. I get a speed pretty close to my download speed without it turned on. Used in various countries and on my phone. Never had an issue. All i can think of is they want a very specific server which was overloaded or had a very basic package P.S. always bought with offere.

The HotUKDeals VPN Megathread (Offers, FAQ, Howtos + More!)
Refreshed 10th Oct 2018Refreshed 10th Oct 2018
Welcome to the HotUKDeals VPN Megathread! With privacy laws on the internet changing on a weekly basis, more and more users; especially in the UK, are turning to VPN services … Read more

Ahhh sorry I read Netflix when you wrote Spotify (annoyed)


Doesn't have an option for Philippines though


Get windscribe free


Are you using bein sports? If not then what is the service? Thanks


I chose for myself a VeePN service. Internet speed is the same, I can connect all my devices at the same time, great price. People who think they dont need to use vpn or any protection in Internet nowadays you are overly optimistic or you are saint)

VPN CyberGhost  50% Off on all plans @ CyberHosts
Found 17th Feb 2018Found 17th Feb 2018
VPN CyberGhost 50% Off on all plans @ CyberHosts
Ultra-fast VPN with 50% off for all plans. You can find servers all over the world and use up to 5 devices. I used them in the past and the speed is very good. The 2 year plan look… Read more

Hi, where did you see this? I can only see the price the OP found Its OK, just answered my own question!...Cheaper to pay in dollars not euros


The OP's statement regarding the price is incorrect. It's $42 for the 2 year deal, which equates to approximately £30.


I got it on this offer. I'm watching netflix as we speak. Works fine.


Anyone use 1, any good for use with Netflix ?

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CyberGhost VPN - 5 Devices, for 3 Years - £2/Month
Found 28th Jan 2018Found 28th Jan 2018
CyberGhost VPN - 5 Devices, for 3 Years - £2/Month
This is one of the better deals I've personally seen for CyberGhost VPN; 3 Years subscription for the tidy sum of $99 (£69.86 as of 28/01/18) - Working out at $2.75/month (£1.94 as… Read more

Hi can anyone recommend a VPN for watching NOW TV and Amazon Prime Video / BBC iPlayer and ITV Player whilst on Holiday? Ideally a lifetime sub one. I've been reading around but for every positive review there is a negative one!


Lol (highfive) but seriously even “if you didn’t have one before” this is not a good choice. Ever. A little research and anyone should see that. As long as they don’t end up on this thread because our conversation will put their head away.


Yes, we do both agree it’s not a good choice of VPN (unless you didn’t have one before) - but still standing by the fact that if you simply read ‘great gateway’, stop reading and rush out to purchase a subscription then you (whoever buys it) has basically bought this upon themselves!


I’m still sticking with the fact that you said ‘a great gateway’ Anyway I’m moving on, ultimately we agree. As it seems does the rest of HUKD as it is rather frosty in here now.


I didn’t say it was the recommended route - I said it was my gateway to a VPN (done badly). I would not recommend CyberGhost unless someone is adamant they really want a VPN and want fancy graphics and simplicity in an app. Maybe people will misread it, I don’t know - but I’m going to be a bit blunt and say people should make an informed decision not just read my first sentence and go with that. If CyberGhost had more coverage when I took my sub out I wouldn’t have got lumbered with that POS...

Cyberghost VPN 5 devices buy 2 years get 2 years free
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Cyberghost VPN 5 devices buy 2 years get 2 years free
Approx £2.50p a month pay £120 up front get 2 years than the next 2 years free (works out at approx £30 a year) or £66 pay one year get the next year free protection for… Read more

I contemplated these against NordVPN @ £2.09/ m (black friday deal but still available via direct link). I went with NordVPN purely because they had a free 3 day trial and it produced good results. I do have to switch it off occasionally, especially on here or any other referral based site. Anybody have experience with both on a Rural 20/1.2meg connection


Title is for 4 years, so price needs to be £120. Very annoying - thought it was 4 years for £66 (understandable considering that it what has been posted)! Not voted or spammed.


You can just top up your existing CG account and it works fine.


...and no, it didn't limit my speed but our speed is rubbish anyway! Our bandwidth is about 10mbps (1 megabyte per second) and it used all of it..


7 year package worked out cheaper.

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CyberGhost VPN 74% discount off 2 year plan £52.56 ( £2.19 a month)
Found 31st Oct 2017Found 31st Oct 2017
CyberGhost VPN 74% discount off 2 year plan £52.56 ( £2.19 a month)
Spotted as my PC booted up today: Buy the 2 year Premium plan through the link and get a 74% Discount off their normal price. Works out at £2.19 a month. Or buy a 1 year sub for £4… Read more

I use digibit - £2 a month for up to 5 devices :-)


Hey there. This Cyberghost VPN offer for the 2-year plan covers 5 devices. Let us know if you need additional info. Cheers!


Just wanted to confirm, how many devices dose this 2 year plan cover?


Great news, Ghosties: Netflix is back! We know that this is a top priority for many of our customers and that`s why we never gave up on finding a solution, and we did. So, to see Netflix you have to access it through The Profile - Unblock streaming. Let us know if you have additional questions and don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for more info. Cheers! (popcorn)


I'm waiting for black Friday again. Got it mega cheap last year. 1 device is a shame, but I've found the app reliable enough. I run a simple script that makes sure the cyberghost app is always running. If it loses connection the cyberghost app kills web access and prompts me. Which I like.

Cyberghost Premium 1 Year Subscription £19.35
Found 1st Jun 2017Found 1st Jun 2017
Cyberghost Premium 1 Year Subscription £19.35
A very good VPN service for 1 computer, £19.35 for a year, down from the usual £44.99 (recurring billing so be sure to diarise to cancel before the year is up). The Premium Plus i… Read more

Ive used cyberghost for 3 years...largely as a result of their taking a recurring debit card despite my cancelling this in my account options twice. Im using an older mac running an up to date version of osx. I tend to find openVPN works for a while(2 months max) then i have to completely reinstall and re-set up the vpn (via viscosity). Sometimes i cant get viscosity to work and i switch to the cyberghost client...this is patchy and sometimes falls over and simply wont connect for weeks at a time. Then i go back to viscosity and so on .... Cyberghost operate a ticket support operation which is fairly slow. When i had my first unexpected direct debit i called a number provided by my bank which turned out to be was an american mobile and sounded like one guy on his own in the street. That said they did sort out my account details query. I find the cyberghost client unreliable. It disconnects from the vpn without closing or ending your connection...leaving download or other connections exposed til you return to check the clients status. That said im now paid up for another what choice do i have but to persevere.


cheers OP. just bought. hopefully this fixes my torrent woes....


[image missing]


Ignore Eldergeek Cyberghost VPN premium works like a charm used its for the last 3 years no problems it's the cheapest best value VPN that offers good privacy


Thanks. I might try if they have a trial.

CyberGhost VPN PREMIUM for £19.35 instead of £45
Found 10th Jan 2017Found 10th Jan 2017
CyberGhost VPN PREMIUM for £19.35 instead of £45
I've seen the deal was posted around 1 month 3 weeks ago so this is for those missed it. Previous deal was on for £13 something, this is £6 extra and still far from usual £45. ht… Read more
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I dont know about eligibility but that site looks shifty as hell.


anyone know if this is any good, I'm not sure if outside USA, we are eligible?


Some including Cyberghost have plans available for multiple devices including phones,etc. However this deal is for one device for one year.


Complete newb question but do these VPNs work on multiple devices ie 2 computers and a phone?


No VPN's work with Netflix anymore. Every time they try Netflix blocks them again. Also what internet do you have(Provider/speed). I also got this as part of the Humble Bundle and it easily max's out my 30Mbit connection without any messing about.

VPN - Cyber ghost premium for 1 year 1/3 of normal price - £13.50 (was £45)
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
VPN - Cyber ghost premium for 1 year 1/3 of normal price - £13.50 (was £45)
VPN service for 1 year, normally £45. I've been using it for a couple of years. I read up on VPN's about a year ago and it seemed like among the cheaper ones, Cyber Ghost was one … Read more

Another VPN I found Ivacy which is on 87% off on this Black Friday. This is some deep discount. You will get 1 year free and it comes in only $1.5 per month.


When I connect to this VPN via the android app, my hotspot stops working. What's that all about? I NEED my android mobile hotspot


Apologies to galaia2004, I didn't think to search for "cyber ghost" without the space :(




I've been using this for over 2 years now and it works really well. I've run download speed checking programs with and without and there is hardly any difference. Mind you, I'm only on a 13Mb/s line so I can't say how it will affect a really fast connection. I've got nearly another year to run on my present subscription, but as you can stack subscriptions I have added this. Can't complain at only just over £1 a month.

CyberGhost VPN Premium £13.50 for 1 Year (70% Discount)
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
CyberGhost VPN Premium £13.50 for 1 Year (70% Discount)
Black Friday Deal Can be used on 1 device (PC, Laptop, Smartphone etc.) ,all servers and countries included. This is a yearly subscription product. After 12 month(s), a yearly fee … Read more
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Sorry, that's the option I selected. The next billing date will disappear. I have just extended mine now.


I think you might be better off removing the authorization within your paypal account that allows cleverbridge to take future funds.


The only relevant sounding option I can see is "cancel subscription" and I am wary of pressing that in case it cancels the Premium account I just paid for, is that the one? I can't see anything that sounds like "turn off auto subscription".


Straight away you can turn off the auto subscription. I did the same earlier in the year.


I was wondering the same. The whole idea of giving cheaper subscription is trying to lure you into auto resubscription for full price once the year passed. Anyone tried to cancel it or does it deactivate the account completely?

CyberGhost VPN $2.91 pm
Found 2nd Jun 2016Found 2nd Jun 2016
CyberGhost VPN $2.91 pm
£2 a month for full cyberghost VPN ~Not many other offers around at the moment so this is the best i could find.
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Wouldn't buy VPN or anything from so called Stack social website ,scammers no customer service poor reputation


You want to head over to stackcentral and search for this vpn, theyre doing a great 3 year plan for $39.99 I just signed up for 3 years, Ive used it flawlessly for over 5


I started looking into the idea. I've been recommended IP Vanish because they don't log. Find it all a bit confusing who to trust tbh...


I prefer and simply love to recommend FrootVPN. Maybe you want to check this interview out


StackSocial do VPN Unlimited for $29 for lifetime

Cyberghost VPN Winter sales 7 years premium plus (5 devices) at US$248 or £166
Found 9th Jan 2016Found 9th Jan 2016
Cyberghost VPN Winter sales 7 years premium plus (5 devices) at US$248 or £166
Got an email from Cyberghost VPN. 7 years of premium plus subscription at 60% discount. Normal price US$620. Sales price US$248 or £166 (which is cheaper) This is for 5 devices… Read more
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why buy a vpn? so not just cold from me but absolute zero


yes it is a zero logging service :-)

008 all the way, no matter what you pay ;-)


purevpn - not a zero-logging service


as python5 says, , their sale price just now is about £35 for 2 years, 5 device account. that is a cheaper deal than this one, just renew on the 2nd new year sale.

CyberGhost VPN Premium 1 year £22.49 (usually £44.99) (~£18 if converted to AUD)
Found 7th Dec 2015Found 7th Dec 2015
CyberGhost VPN Premium 1 year £22.49 (usually £44.99) (~£18 if converted to AUD)
Has been cheaper for black Friday in the past. Convert currency to Australian dollar to get it for around £18

I saw there black friday deal was more cheaper...


still active?


thanks.... now to find a decent router...


I use CyberGhost, I have 64MBit down and 20MBit up using the Dutch server (allows for use of torrent traffic as well) . I considered PIA as well when researching my VPN options but the company behind PIA (London trust media) is an American based company, this ultimately put me off from using PIA. This is of course a personal decision, PIA is technically sound.


yes, all devices connected to the router will go through the vpn

The best VPN CyberGhost 5.5 is FREE again!!!! For 12 Months!!!
Found 5th Dec 2015Found 5th Dec 2015
Again i will save you 6$ Monthly! :D About software: Speed up to 5 times faster compared to the Free Service Usable on 1 device Apps for Android and iOS included No Ads More than… Read more
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hi , don't suppose there anyway free keys remaining but if someone has one, I'd appreciate it. thanks guys

trott3r Comparison table of VPN providers credit to wilder security poster.


+1 on any free keys me a PM if you have one to gift


Doubt there's any remaining free keys, but if someone has one, I'd appreciate it.


if anyone has any spare keys then that would be much appreciated thanks.

Cyberghost VPN 1 Years Premium for £11.25 - Black Friday Deal
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
Cyberghost VPN 1 Years Premium for £11.25 - Black Friday Deal
Change the currency icon to Australian Dollar to get this for $22.48 (which converts to £11.25, saving you a couple of quid over the listed £GBP price) EU currencies may be cheape… Read more

Just a heads up for people, If you took this deal as an add on and not a new contract the usual full years membership money was taken from my CC ( $69.99 ) Phoned Cleverbridge and they refunded without an issue. Said it must be a Technical glitch.


Got my free key as soon as I saw this but I haven't applied it to my existing account yet. Do you think it'll be alright until February when my current subscription runs out?


Thanks for posting the link! I rarely stray over to the freebies section so I would have missed it.




That's not the premium version. It's the special edition, which only has 5 or so countries I believe. Premium has much more. Still, good deal for what it is.

Cyberghost VPN Black Friday deal 13.49 for one year (44.99 normally)
Found 24th Nov 2015Found 24th Nov 2015
Cyberghost VPN Black Friday deal 13.49 for one year (44.99 normally)
It looks like a good deal if you're in the market for a VPN subscription.

not working. Any better deals about? I got a years black edition for £7,


unless the android box has a connection to the pc, the pc wouldn't benefit from the vpn. if you can get another router that can be configured with cyberghost, then connect that to your virgin router, that could provide all your devices with the vpn.


Ordered, thanks.


I have a virgin router with android box connected via Ethernet (for Kodi etc). The router also wirelessly connects to the PC. If I download the cyberghost on the android box or PC will it serve both android box and PC? Or would I need to buy it twice and download onto each? Please help!


Can the one device be a router that serves others?

Halloween sales - Cyberghost 5 VPN 1 year premium plan (1 device) at 50% off £22.49
Found 23rd Oct 2015Found 23rd Oct 2015
Halloween sales - Cyberghost 5 VPN 1 year premium plan (1 device) at 50% off £22.49
Halloween sale - Cyberghost 5 VPN 1 year subscription at 50% off! Normal: £44.99 Now: £22.49
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Does anyone know if they extend an existing subscription with a discount deal? Mine (Premium Plus for 5 devices) would expire in a week's time, but I couldn't use their 'Halloween' 50% off code. So I deleted my old account, and opened a new one with a different email address. I lost a week's subscription, but it was still worth it. Still, I wonder if it's their usual trick not to allow existing customers to use discount codes for renewals. Btw, my last year's subscription cost me only £16.99 or something, and this year £34.99. Their deals are getting less good.


I have used the free version of CyberGhost and it was 'average' in terms of performance. The speeds weren't that great and only limited servers were available. Has anyone used their paid package? Is it any better?


so this isn't a good deal then? hence the cold votes? I would had thought it was, but I don't know enough about vpns and only just starting to look into them.


How can you possibly say it's not a ponzi scheme? £15 for 50 years' service? You genuinely believe they can provide *a* service - never mind a good service - for 30p a year? 2.5p a month?


Purchased a package with them earlier this year after asking on twitter if China was supported, to which they said Yes. Got to southern China and you guessed it, didn't get through the great firewall. Had to pay another company that did work. Back in the UK sent another message on Twitter to which they replied, it works in 'some parts of China.' Not the best customer experience for me anyway.

Get 50% off £22.49 on Cyberghost 5 subscription using code
Found 9th Oct 2015Found 9th Oct 2015
Get 50% off £22.49 on Cyberghost 5 subscription using code
Found this code online for 50% subscription - 7LJ-538-TSP. Tried it and the code can be used on any other cyberghost country site - USA, HK. etc currency. Pay annually Premium… Read more
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also looking for a 5 subscription premium plus discount


I got my existing premium plus 5 subscription for US$21.99. Anyone know any deals or discount site for it?


That is for special edition if anyone looking for it. Still left about 14 hrs to get the discount.


£11.50 go to select Euro as you currency pay by paypal


People, this will NOT protect you, more likely make you a target for GCHQ! lol..

Cyberghost Premium VPN one year licence for £17.60
Found 1st Aug 2015Found 1st Aug 2015
Cyberghost Premium VPN one year licence for £17.60
The summer sale has 50% off the normal price making it 24.99 euros which is £17.60 This is the full version, for one device only, which has access to all servers in all countries … Read more
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Ah wanted one for torrents. The search continues.


Certainly is cheap but not on this list so a bit of an unknown quantity for me.


Just use "Zen mate" still free, but limited to one or two countries


Who have you gone to? Luckily (!) the cyberghost client update made this very difficult to use (50% CPU use on idle plus lots other things) . Lucky because it happened just before my sub ended other wise I would have likely stayed with them and then got the carp update.


Actually I'm not sure now. I thought I read that they send you a licence key that could be used any time...that's the way it used to be done. But the actual order page says "Delivery: electronic, plan will be immediately activated after succesful payment.", which sort of reads like it will be activated immediately you buy it. So I'm not sure...anyone know?

Found 10th May 2015Found 10th May 2015
CyberGhost Premium 3 months Unlimited traffic volume included Unlimited bandwidth included Access to Premium servers Additional protection for mobile devices (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec) Gu… Read more
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I registered keys last may. used for three months till august then used other key till november. now my spare keys from last may will not work? says not valid??


btw just noticed when uninstalling I was offered 12months on 1 device for £14.99 with 5 countries available - one being USA tho.


Would have gone for this but last week Cyberghost had an update and for me it became a real chore to use. Using lots of CPU, Memory, Opening IE instances, UI 'vanishing' to leave some text and needing to exit to program and re-start it simply to move to a different server. Just uninstalled it as my subscription ended the 'free' version is P2P free ie I can't torrent with it.


Thanks my subscription comes to an end in June so this is very useful


NP m8, you`re very kind... that is very rare here... ;) :{

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