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Director Suite 365 Complete Package for 12mths - £67.47 using code @ Cyberlink Power DVD
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Director Suite 365 Complete Package for 12mths - £67.47 using code @ Cyberlink Power DVD£67.47
Video, Photo & Audio Editing Software for Creative ProfessionalsThe complete professional editing suite, Director Suite 365 delivers powerful capabilities that keep improving a… Read more

mmm, subscription model now. Not good.

PowerDVD Ultra 2017 (with extras) only £24.49 (with code) @ Cyberlink Power DVD
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Posted 9th Apr 2018Posted 9th Apr 2018
PowerDVD Ultra 2017 (with extras) only £24.49 (with code) @ Cyberlink Power DVD£24.49£34.9930%
If you need some decent software to play Blu Rays, unfortunately your options are limited. This is pretty cheap for PowerDVD and is valid until April 12th. The core price is £34.… Read more
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I use the Leawo Blu-ray player. It's basic (eg. no resume from last position and limited menu support) but it gets the job done best of all it is free.


Mr too! I gpt my sister a dvd player for her computer way back! I also got a portable bluebray drive for my pc. There was a program that would rip them but then that stopped working but there was a linux program that worked. In the world of codecs I did find power dvd which was bundled with an alienware laptop I had worked best for surround sound when vlc and media plauer classic home cinema did not. I would have thought built in windows player would handle the surround sound now? Maybe not if this is still going?


My thoughts exactly. I’m sure I bought the ‘suite’ about 20 years ago with new viglen pentium 75mhz! :/


Good price but I seriously dislike the newer versions of Power DVD, its gone all millennial and forgot it needs to function sometimes. A great example is the border raising and hiding blu ray menus, its retarded in a way even MS Office doesnt match. Plus of course the farce that is DRM. Im on PDVD 2016 and id say 25% of blu rays wont play on it. Im starting to rant so ill continue, the whole joke of watching high bitrate content on a PC is turning me into a very miserable person. Keep a disc player handy. Or just stream low bitrate content from a 0.005mips smart telly. Heat added.


No disrespect but if they haven't improved in over 10 years.... i cannot see them managing it now ! With the speed of new processors and the power of GPU's nowadays if software manufacturers have not managed to sort the problems out by now they never will. And with the new generation of 4K films available, if they cannot get Bluray to play error free then they have no chance with 4K media

PowerDirector 16 Ultimate £52.99 @ Cyberlink
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Posted 5th Jan 2018Posted 5th Jan 2018
PowerDirector 16 Ultimate £52.99 @ Cyberlink£52.99£369.9386%
This video editing software includes the software as well as extras which according to the website cost £369.93. This deal is available from the Cyberlink website under the sale.

They always will have one or other active 20% voucher


Cyberlink are the DFS of the software world, always a sale. ....I'll get my coat.


Which expires at midnight tonight.


I use PD13 and aside from a few occasional glitches it's very good. Not quite as powerful and customisable as Final Cut or Premiere Pro but can get a decent edit out in much shorter time. RRP is certainly inflated but still a lot of software for the money. Contemplating the upgrade.


Using code NY20 brings it down to £42.39

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 7 Deluxe - Free - Cyblerlink Promo
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Posted 2nd Sep 2017Posted 2nd Sep 2017
Cyberlink PhotoDirector 7 Deluxe - Free - Cyblerlink Promo
Fill in you name and e-mail address; you will be immediately presented with a page to download the software, along with your licence key - details will also be e-mailed to you. Th… Read more
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Yea, I realised after I initially looked that your link and the one from Crossbow were different. I used yours but wanted to put the warning out there for the one so unsuspecting visitors don’t use it. Thanks for posting.


I have linked it to an official Cyberlink site, here: Therefore clicking on the "Visit site and get deal" link will take you to the official Cyberlink site. This is an official Cyberlink offering. Crossbow has added a link to If you don't like the net-load site, then use the "Visit site and get deal" link (which you should be doing anyway).


This was in response to Crossbow’s post with the link. It appears as though the quote didn’t show up. ******* I was looking at the website this link points to and think the site looks suspicious and too ambiguous for my tastes. It could be legit but neither the site nor its T&Cs look legit. It does not say who owns the site and is hidden behind domain privacy. I would advise people NOT to click the link you posted and, instead, use the link posted by the OP, which goes to the software developer’s website. If Cyberlink pulls the offer, they’re within their rights but better to be safe than sorry. I would also advise people to never download a piece of software from a direct URL such as this, especially if the URL does not specify the software developer’s genuine domain name. Not only does specifying a direct URL put people who may not have a clue about computer security at risk but it could also be a potential violation of the software developer’s EULA or rights.


Thanks DruidsNectar :)


Version Comparison

Cyberlink Power Director 15 Ultra (possible £37.75 from £219.97)
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Posted 26th Nov 2016Posted 26th Nov 2016
Cyberlink Power Director 15 Ultra (possible £37.75 from £219.97)£37.75
PowerDirector offers a unique combination of high-end performance and advanced editing features. It's remarkably easy to use, making video editing accessible to creators of all ski… Read more



amazon price is $99 without discount. DISCOUNTED $58

PowerDVD 16 on sale at Cyberlink for £44.99
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Posted 7th Sep 2016Posted 7th Sep 2016
PowerDVD 16 on sale at Cyberlink for £44.99£44.99
Great Price!!!!

They should really rename PowerDVD to Power Media Player


what's a dvd?


you can get a free library for that :)


10% with 10POFF


Thanks for the advice. Most times they offer free or cheap upgrades. These products are required as said above. Windows & Intel support for multimedia / blue ray is so crap. To think about 4k in a windows computer is like getting an elephant pass through a needle hole. So software solutions like this will always needed.

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PowerDirector 14 Ultimate Download(coupon code CNET20OFF) £37.59 @ Cyberlink
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Posted 16th Apr 2016Posted 16th Apr 2016
PowerDirector 14 Ultimate Download(coupon code CNET20OFF) £37.59 @ Cyberlink£37.59
CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate for $47.99(£37.59). That's after applying coupon code CNET20OFF at checkout. (Ignore the 15 percent off pop-up that appears on the landing page)… Read more
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That's great. I missed the countdown thing unfortunately!


But no built in support for editing 360 / VR Video yet? Guess that will be in Power Director 15? I found that I didn't need a VPN - there is a countdown timer on the page below which in conjunction with the coupon mentioned by the op gives this price (this is cheaper than I could pay to upgrade my existing copy of Power Director 13 so is a pretty good deal) NB When I posted this there was only 2 hours left for this offer to run. CyberLink Online Store Order Confirmation Order Number: 0000000000 Order Date: 16/04/2016 Dear valued Customer, Thank you for ordering from the CyberLink Online Store. Below you will find a summary of your order. Please retain this e-mail for your records. It serves as your receipt and contains information that will be helpful if you choose to reinstall your product(s) at a later date. 1 PowerDirector 14 Ultimate - Incl. Premium Effects and Templates #110079060 Download £46.99 1_CyberLink_PowerDirector14_Ultimate_VDE160307-02.exe 2_CyberLink_PowerDirector14_ContentPack_Essential_PCP150526-061.exe 3_CyberLink_PowerDirector14_ContentPack_Premium_PCP150526-011.exe CyberLink_HolidayPack6_PowerDirector_CDP141016-03.exe CyberLink_CreativeDesignPack_Wedding_CDP140707-01.exe adorage-vol01-32bit.exe vitascene-dsple- adorage-vol1-64bit.exe vitascene-dsple- 1 CyberLink Cloud 20 GB (12 months) License 1 Holiday Pack Vol.7 for PowerDirector Download CyberLink_HolidayPack7_CDP150924-01B.exe 1 10 Pro-quality Audio Tracks from Triple Scoop Music Download 1 Travel Pack 3 for PowerDirector Download CyberLink_TravelPack3_PowerDirector_CDP150324-01.exe 1 AudioDirector 6 Ultra Download CyberLink_AudioDirector6_Ultra_ADR150924-01.exe You Save: -£9.40 Total: £37.59 VAT included (20%): £6.26


You can get Tunnelbear for free. Downloads on it are limited to 500mb I think which should be fine for this


You can get the same deal as a straightforward transaction for £47 if you don't want to mess about installing and subscribing to Tunnelbear which has a $6.99 monthly fee.


Upgrade to PowerDirector 14 Ultimate for £46.74 (more info in description)
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Posted 21st Nov 2015Posted 21st Nov 2015
Upgrade to PowerDirector 14 Ultimate for £46.74 (more info in description)£46.74
I've been using PowerDirector 12 Ultra for some time now and I've been coming across some issues (random crashes, files not producing). After contacting support and not being that… Read more
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It's only £53.99 for the full version from Amazon.


Ah, thanks!


It's £63.74 if you are upgrading from anything V10 and below.


I've tried using a few programs for video edits and PD is the one I have settled on. it just seems to work really well.


Fair comment. Seems , like a good discount.

Free CyberLink YouCam 5 worth $35
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Posted 24th Jan 2015Posted 24th Jan 2015
Free CyberLink YouCam 5 worth $35
YouCam 5 is the ultimate webcam software, providing you all the tools and features you need to get the most out of your webcam. Whether you’re looking for fun features and effects … Read more

The linke entered was fine but this HUKD redirection is making problems...


Thank you


Having trouble finding the link? or directly here

Free Copy of CyberLink YouCam 5 Standard
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Posted 9th Jan 2015Posted 9th Jan 2015
Free Copy of CyberLink YouCam 5 Standard
YouCam 5 Standard! YouCam 5 includes hundreds of cool effects for video chat video recording. You can also use the innovative Face Login feature to login to your PC and favorite we… Read more

The above linked worked for me


Just done some research on YouCam v5 and it looks like something I could use, especially with the Creative Camera App - thanks. Slightly off topic, if you do download this there is an upgrade offer (check out the main website) for £15.99 before discount £13.59 after automatic discount (the code is NY15) for version 6 Deluxe. The upgrade offer is until the 13th January 15 The upgrade does check that v5 is installed before proceeding :-)


Have you got a straight link, all I can see is a moths free trial? oO


link pls

CyberLink Holiday supersale 75% off
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Posted 23rd Dec 2014Posted 23rd Dec 2014
CyberLink Holiday supersale 75% off
Supersale knockdown prices on all of the best cyberlink software. Up to 75% off!

Any openings in cyberlink?

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4
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Posted 15th Mar 2014Posted 15th Mar 2014
Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4
CyberLink is pleased to cooperate with to offer you a FREE digital download of our award-winning photography software, PhotoDirector (US 99.99)! PhotoDirector gives yo… Read more

[quote=amour3kol) Its all good stiil?. :-) [/quote] Actually no - nothing to do with the prog, but something somewhere has hit the wall, and Ive bought a new motherboard and cpu and case ! (My prob though !!!) X)


You mean Chrome and ZenMate right?, thanx for the heads up on this one?, I genuinely was NOT 'AWARE' of such a product? (a decent Google Search gave me the Info I needed still?, thanx lol) .. how does ZenMate compare to the likes of Tor Browser?, or ..... (i'm yet to compare the Two?), thanx. Its all good stiil?. :-)


No problem .. your 'Link' goes to: Its all good still?, the correct one has been established .. so no big ..... lol. :-)


Actually the fault is with Cyberlink. They've limited this deal to ONLY US peeps. You need to disguise your address (I did it using Chrome and Zen which redirects your isp, and once it thought I was from US, no problem. When I was registering it was UK and still no prob.


Cheers for that. I have no idea lol, I posted the correct link,,or so I thought.

Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 Ultra Incl. PowerDVD Mobile (iOS/Android) & Remote &  PhotoDirector 2 Deluxe +NEW PowerDVD Mobile for Windows 8 - 50% off. £48.99
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Posted 28th Dec 2012Posted 28th Dec 2012
Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 Ultra Incl. PowerDVD Mobile (iOS/Android) & Remote & PhotoDirector 2 Deluxe +NEW PowerDVD Mobile for Windows 8 - 50% off. £48.99£48.99
Needed to get Blu-Ray playback software for my PC very recently and this stood out as the best deal out there. PowerDVD 12 Ultra - The Must-Have Player for Your Windows® 8 PC … Read more

what post might that be?


Is this post a joke? , not funny at all!


I'd go for ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 as it's less bloated


The way around this is a program called AnyDVD, this will allow you to play ANY Blu-ray disc. It basically kills the encryption that stop it playing. I mean how daft is it you can't watch a BD that you bought, on yer PC?


True. I was seriously considering getting a refund from Cyberlink for this and selling my Blu Ray drive to replace it with a retail version with OEM version of PowerDVD until I realised that I'll get a gimped version of the programme.

Cyberlink MediaEspresso - FREE! Cyberlink YouCam - FREE!
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Posted 1st May 2012Posted 1st May 2012
Cyberlink MediaEspresso - FREE! Cyberlink YouCam - FREE!
Free copy of Cyberlink mediaEspresso (using a website glitch).. MediaEspresso is a blazingly fast media universal converter that can transcode your videos, photos and music files … Read more

Somehow missed this, thanks - you're a star!!!


media espresso - "avoid"


haha - i hope they charge you full price. I used their product but thought Badaboom is much better. Zero guilt here mate.


Unfortunately it is Harltzer who enables us to check our PMs ;)


Can I check my PM's bassman_uk? Thanks =)

free software from cyberlink
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Posted 30th Mar 2012Posted 30th Mar 2012
free software from cyberlink
just complete a short survey 18 questions and recieve a serial number and link to download label maker Dear Valued Customer: As a registered user of CyberLink products, CyberLink… Read more

I take it you don't use "text only" view then.


As a token of our appreciation, everyone who completes the survey will receive the LabelPrint 2.5 (value US$19.95) for FREE!


There's freeware to do all of that anyway. I use myself. Save yourself a ton of spam.


It would probably be really handy if you mentioned what the software was.


going to expire this the link takes you to main page and not the link in the email

Free Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra worth £49.90 for Vista/XP Software
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Posted 24th Jun 2010Posted 24th Jun 2010
Free Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra worth £49.90 for Vista/XP Software
Enter Voucher code: PCPlus2010SWL between 22 June and 22 July 2010. The Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra combines 13 multimedia solutions for your surround-sound home theatre and enter… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

No you can't!! :whistling:


Now it's back in the shop and you can use the code to buy it again...


expired :(




Just in the process of dloading and the code works fine!! Thank you

CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra FREE download ($119.95 value)
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Posted 9th Jun 2009Posted 9th Jun 2009
CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra FREE download ($119.95 value)
CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra FREE download ($119.95 value) Link to page with all the info The download is from a German website but you can choose your language when installin… Read more

can anyone tell me how to put this patch on please as i cant seem to do it its ok i have sorted it out now.


super thanks a lot i have installed it and it looks more understandable for me at my current level. I like the sony vegas and once i move forward i will go back to it , i have managed to do only a small amount of work using sony and it made my head ache. the update for this power director is it just the patch for 7 to download?


SWLcyb53cp7Fd26b would seem to be the new password, but this T pay mullarky wants me to log in at stage 13... Sick as a parrot.. Thought I'd sussed it for a moment!


According to translator: This coupon code is not valid for the selected product.


I got something called BrainJog4 - if googles translater is to be trusted! Looks like I missed out here, but it's a good deal for those who got in on time. :thumbsup: