CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra FREE download ($119.95 value)

CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra FREE download ($119.95 value)

Found 9th Jun 2009Made hot 10th Jun 2009
CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra FREE download ($119.95 value)

Link to page with all the info

The download is from a German website but you can choose your language when installing.

Limited to 20,000 downloads or June 30, 2009 whichever comes first.

Quick Summary
1) Go here:…rt/
2) Fill in Anrede, First, Last Name, email, Captcha.
3) Type Username, then "weiter"
4) Create an 8 character password w/ 2 numbers
5) Security Question and Answer
6) Click link that will now come via email.
7) Log In
Now go here:…tml
9) Click the big 'Zum Produkt'
10)Then click 'kaufen' the full version
11)Then click anmeldung
12)Click the T-pay (2nd) radio button, type in PCWeltVorteile09
13)On the next page, click Weiter
14)Note the Serial, click on the download link "".


Original Poster

Maybe some folks don't like seeing the US$ value?

Hot from me, got it downloading now

Great find

Great find, bit of a pain to get to the final download but should be worth it.
Free update link :…tml

Installing now. Thanks - heat left

Hot, will be installing when i get home

Very good find. Heat added

I got a key. Now I have to install Vista on my iMac to try it out.

Thanks and heat added!

downloading now .

Gosh my head hurts - non existent German! But all installed and working now - many thanks!

Excellent find, have used power director for years, and well chuffed to get this for free. thanks

Forgot to mention - if you forget to make a note of the serial number, and then realise you need it after you've installed the programme, you can sign in again and go to "Zum persönlichen Downloadcenter" and it will have the serial number there.

Downloaded, lets give this a shot.

Nice find. Downloading now. :thumbsup:

downloading now lots of heat i have the last one so looking forward to this one :-D

How big is the download?

Thanks for the info, managed to grab myself a copy


How big is the download?

660 mb ?

Thanks OP downloading now so will see if it does what I need for basic home video editing

Good find, signed up and downloading.

Hell knowns what I selected for the sign up security question however:roll:

thanks for this , got there in the end, can anyone tell me if this is a better than sony vegas pro as i have that currently but im quite a novice and im struggling with it as its so very advanced.
I need a editing software i can get on with which i can use to edit from my panasonic HDC-SD9

WOW thanks excellent deal.

Heat added and rep added

The 1st time I tried it did not work (I copy and paste it the code), it was still charging me (glad to have a colleague that speaks german around here) but the second time I type the code again in the box instead and it did work.

Thanks OP
I used ]Google Translate for the secret Q

Great find, clear instructions

Heat & Rep added

You're in a world of pain if you lose your place in the OP's instructions, but I'm sure "gratis" means the same in all languages. :-)

Heat added.

Today I've learned that "Weiter" is german for "next". It *was* worth getting up today.

Registered and got the serial number will download when I get home.

Thanks to OP.

i cant seem the find the free version part

Heat added, excellent find - downloading now.

It needed to lower my security settings and proceeded to receive a disconcerting number of cookies!! Still, I can always raise the shields again and clrar out the cookies afterwards..

Heat added like a mainiac plumber with a big blowtorch.

good thing i can read german

ive done it xD

Finally my GCSE German is comming to use haha. Thanks OP, good find, heated and repped.

Just so everyone knows me and my girlfriend signed up and it's the same serial for all...


Thanks very much gtd65 :thumbsup:
Just about done it - should have paid more attention with my German GCSE!


Thanks very much gtd65 :thumbsup:Just about done it - should have paid … Thanks very much gtd65 :thumbsup:Just about done it - should have paid more attention with my German GCSE!

The only German I know is "Englander pig-dog" and "For you ze var is over"

is the software multi-language? I,e, English as well?
Worked for me, thanks...

Am I doing something wrong?

Step 9 - Click the big 'Zum Produkt' – Done that.

Step 10) Then click 'kaufen' the full version

I cannot only see the big button “Vollversion Kaufen” which has a price of 99.90 Euros above it – am I doing something wrong?

Yes press that buton sinbad, when you go to pay you put the above info in and should be free.... Mine just worked....

Am wondering if the above code works on other software?

Great find !

For those who speak no German (or any other languages !!), try this useful site (babelfish):

I guess it's good to know what you're signing up for.

Thanks for that, twe - now downloading!
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