Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II Full Version - £46.37 @ MajorGeeks Store
Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II Full Version - £46.37 @ MajorGeeks Store

Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II Full Version - £46.37 @ MajorGeeks Store

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The VERY BEST "Ultra" version of the VERY latest release of PowerDVD (10 Mark II), with Blu-Ray 3D support. Usually retails at £79.99, but if you go to MajorGeeks, you can get it for under £47. Download only. Not an upgrade, the full program.

To get it at this price, follow the link, then set the currency to US $ (top right corner, or selectable on checkout). Checkout, pay by PayPal so you don't have to worry about card charges for foreign transactions, (they will email you a link, follow this link to your PayPal account) - total cost for me was £46.37 (including VAT!).

Maybe you can get luckier with another currency, but £46 for the very latest PowerDVD is a fantastic price. It costs £60 direct from CyberLink!



£46 for DVD playing software? WTF?


Got the 9.0 version off ebay for £15 - and i thought it's expensive

Newsgroups make this stuff a lot cheaper

Tbh, its useless unless you have a 3d screen.. and way under 1% of people have them, with my blu-ray reader i got Cyberlink PowerDvd 8, Currently they are offering me £47.99 to upgrade to PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D.


I got this free with my pioneer Blu-ray burner, It was PowerDVD 10 with a code to upgrade to the Ultra full version for £19.99... Writer was only £100 (a month ago) so maybe the cheapest software (arcsoft around same price) but not the best deal....

I'd wait a few weeks if you can, it will come down fast once other developers create something....

Power DVD 9 for £3.99 for those interested:



I dont have a 3D TV nor a BluRay drive in my PC, but I'm sure if you … I dont have a 3D TV nor a BluRay drive in my PC, but I'm sure if you asked nicely, I could find you a Bluray standalone for far less then the combination you are trying to promote.PS... I DO understand what it is which is why this is going to go absolute zero. Maybe not the best deal to continue to tell people they've got it all wrong, but I suspect you will ignore that also.

I suspect that certain threads in these forums get a lot colder due to the "you must listen to me" statements.


worst deal Ive seen for ages
cold all day long

tis freezing in here tis so cold

Bobnugget, I think you am taking the comment all to personally. What you have to realise is that not everyone is will to pay that much for what is a 'new tech' program. Which might I add you will need a 120mhz monitor to get this working at its full potential.

Initally people will see this as a waste of money untill the technology becomes cheap enough to justify buying a product like this, by the time that happens someone else would have made a better freeware product or VLC will make an update eventually to get this working.

I never understand this place - Whilst I understand this isn't suited to everyone, the OP has found what appears to be a 25% discount on the software. In my eyes that is a deal. Unless anyone can find a better deal for the same product surely that makes it hot ?

Maybe I've just misunderstood the point.

Well yes it probably is the cheapest for this software it's only major advantage (as pointed out) is 3D blu-ray playback. For me the biggest problem is 3D content. Apart from a few documentaries and half a dozen movies there is not enough content to justify the outlay.

So when more content is available it may be worth another look and by then it will probably much cheaper.


Maybe I've just misunderstood the point.

Yeah you have. For most sane people, just a price reduction is not enough to make something a deal. RRP is joke, even more so for software where the marginal cost of each copy is approximately zero.

Luxury item, not voted, however to most of us it is a bit like saying we can get 25% off a Virgin Space Flight or a Rolls Royce at........................oO


lol its going for -150
what an abysmal deal,OP you are now a laughing stock!

Blimey - I can't see this cheaper so don't see why its getting slated. Many people now use a media PC in their front room to watch Blu-Ray, stream online video, play music, watch and record TV. If you have a set up similar to this, then you will need decent, paid-for software as most of the cheaper versions or those that ship with hardware do not allow features such as DD5.1/7.1 or DTS over HDMI (for example). If you have a full featured media PC then you need software like this and its a decent deal. If you don't use a media PC then you don't need it, but that doesn't make it a bad deal.
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