CyberSentinel for Birmingham School Children ONLY
CyberSentinel for Birmingham School Children ONLY

CyberSentinel for Birmingham School Children ONLY

Thought I would post this just incase some Birmingham parents don't receive the message (and the needed code) via their children's school (which you might have missed if your child has been off ill as there has been quite a bit of sickness going around) - so I hope I haven't broken any rules.

Information taken from the website link advises

CyberSentinel protects your children from the dangers of the internet and gives them the freedom to thrive online by supervising what they do - even when you're not around. It supervises web surfing, chat rooms and social networks and lets you know if your children stray away from what you decide is appropriate.

And apparently

In a bid to support parents and carers with this, Birmingham City Council has partnered with Forensic Software to offer CyberSentinel monitoring software free for two years, for all school children within Birmingham.

How can I get the software?

The first step is to contact your child's school to get your voucher code to activate the software.

1 - would be grateful if those that are computer savvy could post as to whether CyberSentinel is something that we should be putting our trust into and has anyone any experience of using it? - I have never heard of this until I received the school newsletter.
2 - people outside the Birmingham area might want to check with their own LEA to see if it is being offered in their area.

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ps not sure which image should be use (or how to add) - Birmingham LEA, BGfL, Forensic Software or CyberSentinel - so would be grateful if someone could advise/fix, please.

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Thanks to the kind soul who fixed the photo for me.

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