Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric e Bike - £499.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric e Bike - £499.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 5th Mar 2011
Beat the rising petrol prices with this electric powered bike. 50% off, saving £500 on the R.R.P. and with free shipping.

17" mountain bike frame (suitable for use from 5ft 5 to approximately 6ft 2) - 250 watt brushless motor
New Lithium-ion battery provides huge power (up to 45km range) and weighs a fraction of traditional lead-acid batteries. Also won't suffer 'memory effect' and has a very low self-discharge rate -
Shimano Tourney SIS-Index gears with quick-shift - Adjustable height seat raises to up to 43" from the ground
Servo "anti-cling" safety brakes - premium front suspension for comfort
Quick release battery and front wheel - Front and rear mud guards - Legal for road use - no road tax or driving licence required. Legally, no helmet nor insurance required (although we recommend both!).


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Until this point, electric bikes have been little more than toys - the Cyclamatic Power Plus will change that. Featuring a powerful motor that will propel you to speeds of up to 15mph with this 250 watt brushless motor (the highest legally allowed in the UK) and a battery that offers a range of in excess 45km, the Power Plus makes transportation on an electric bike a fun, cheap and practical option.

The bike can be used as a standard bike - the mountain bike frame, strong V-fork brakes, suspension and Shimano gears with quick-shift offer all the features of a premium bike. The Power Plus can be used simply as a traditional 'pedal' bike without any problems, however it also features two other modes:

Assisted mode will kick in the power as you start pedalling and add extra power to each cycle, propelling you faster and with less effort

Fully powered will take you from stationary to cruising speed at the flick of a wrist with absolutely zero leg movement

Easy to use
Quick release battery. Quick release front wheel. Intuitive twist-shift acceleration. Minimal assembly (under 5 mins). Quick change Shimano gears

Incredible performance
45km range on normal terrain. Reach speeds of up to 20km/h. Upgraded lithium-ion battery - 24V and 10A.

Latest mountain bike frame design - not some old frame that looks like it has been taken from a 1920's film set. Bright silver brushed finish.

Padded saddle. Quality Shimano gears for smooth ride. Upgraded V-Fork brakes. Front suspension. Front and rear mud guards Item can not be shipped outside of UK MAINLAND
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Couple of quick spots on the review notes:

18 Sep 2009 - Sports HQ are bow selling these for about £400 which almost seesm to good to be true. There must be a catch...
15 Jan 2010 - i have just bought one and it seem top quality and at £399 well worth it
31 May 2010 - had mine 14 months now and mines cutting out aswell. I just wondered if you managed to get yours fixed and at what cost?
6 Jun 2010 - Have gone back to using my ordinary bike at the moment. May have to put this down to experience and buy a more expensive one

Also a few reviews have said it's a heavy bike (page states boxed weight of 29kg) so not sure how good it'd be if the batteries ran out!

If you do, you get 8% quidco, for me the cost of a replacement battery (over £200) puts me right off

Better of with a normal bike.

What PlaneMan said. £500 gets you a lot of bicycle. It gets you a used scooter if you don't want to pedal it.

Once the battery goes flat, these are absurdy heavy to pedal. As I've said before, it's not easy to see what problem these solve.
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