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Thomson Elite Inline Black 30.8x 410mm Seat Post £39.99 @ CycleSports UK + 10% off orders over£50
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Posted 3rd Apr 2014Posted 3rd Apr 2014
Thomson Elite Inline Black 30.8x 410mm Seat Post £39.99 @ CycleSports UK + 10% off orders over£50£39.99
Thomson Elite Inline Black 30.8x 410mm Seat Post. Shorter 30.8 x 367mm also available Great price and the cheapest I have ever seen at £39.99 for a quality American made Seat pos… Read more
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XXX>>EXPIRED<<XXX 43% off  Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre With Smart Guard 26 x 1.75 £19.99 @ Cycle Sports UK
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Posted 15th Mar 2014Posted 15th Mar 2014
XXX>>EXPIRED<<XXX 43% off Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre With Smart Guard 26 x 1.75 £19.99 @ Cycle Sports UK£19.99
Great Mountain bike commuter tyre at a price not often seen. Price includes free delivery. Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre With Smart Guard 26 x 1.75 Features: The Marathon Plus wil… Read more
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Well done on the ride.Yeah, I find these tyres are heavy but good for winter commutes when fixing a puncture on a dark ,wet and cold day is not desirable.


Cycled Lands End to John O`Groats in ten days on a hybrid and wanted trouble free over any weight saving. These tyres did not disappoint. No punctures. I now ride a road bike to work every day with Hutchinson tyres and find these almost as puncture proof but lighter. A cheap set of basic michelins gave me almost daily punctures. Going back to my hybrid now with these tyres seems like dragging too much weight and is such hard work I don`t know how I did the long ride a few years ago......


I don't find a massive speed difference, yes they're a lot heavier than race tyres, but I only use these for commuting where the protection is more important than raw speed. Anybody with real leg muscles from cycling, rather than finger muscles from trolling, won't notice much difference.


Thanks. Will look at OP's then.


Alright for wheelbarrows and push chairs but I would steer well clear of solid tyres for cycles.I worked in a bike shop early 90s which tried to sell solid Greentyres. Yes, they sold them but most people came back complaining. (1) Very hard to fit to rim (2) Once fitted the tyre moved on the rim. (3) If Brake and Skid and rub the Knobbly tread off you will certainly be able to feel this when you ride (3) Uncomfortable Ride transmitting Bumps &amp; Vibes through your bones. (4) Totally dead feel when riding soaking up lots of rider's energy. That was in the 90s maybe more advanced now but doubt it. Best options: (1) Puncture resistant lightweight tyre (2) Slime inner tubes (3) Go tubeless and use latex sealant.

Garmin Forerunner 620 with HRM+Run chest strap £314.99 @ CyclesportsUK
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Posted 8th Jan 2014Posted 8th Jan 2014
Garmin Forerunner 620 with HRM+Run chest strap £314.99 @ CyclesportsUK£314.99
The recently released Garmin Forerunner 620 with HRM+Run for £314.99 as opposed to the full price of £359.99 - giving you a 13% saving, which is probably the best genuine retailer … Read more

voted hot, although still really expensive for a running watch!


Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price and merchant to the title. Here’s a ‘Help’ link which gives tips and advice on thread posting.

Cateye Stealth 10 Wireless GPS Cycle Computer @ cycle sports uk £63.99
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Posted 29th Aug 2013Posted 29th Aug 2013
Cateye Stealth 10 Wireless GPS Cycle Computer @ cycle sports uk £63.99£63.99
A basic simple to use GPS unit in a super tough case. no wires or sensors to complicate things, it’s just a case of working out which way round you want the head unit on bar or st… Read more

Does it make revving motor bike noises when I go really fast?


True, only about £20 more for the Garmin Edge 200 if you're lucky. But if you don't need/want to be able to follow courses, get this.


At that price you could almost get a Garmin Edge 200 if you find the right deal

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
Giro Proof 100 Winter Gloves £32.99 @ CyclesportsUK
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Posted 19th Jan 2013Posted 19th Jan 2013
Giro Proof 100 Winter Gloves £32.99 @ CyclesportsUK£32.99
These are fantastic Winter Cycling gloves. Still keep my hands warm even in these ridiculous -5/6 temperatures! Cheapest I can find them anywhere. Bike radar rate them as 5* glove… Read more
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Ad80;utm_medium=base&amp;utm_campaign=FGL £31.11 on dot bike, although never used then so not sure if they are any good?


Btw, check eBay at the moment. There's been a lot of auctions for Mountain Equipment and Marmot gloves (like the Stretch, XT's etc). You may well get a pair of those even cheaper than these. I got the ME Randonee's for a Xmas gift and tested them in freezing weather for over 300 miles. Always toasty and I've got serious problems with cold hands when out biking. If you can find them on sale somewhere definitely pick them up.


Useless gloves. They stop you from giving the middle finger to drivers who think the horn is supposed to be used whenever a bike is in front of you. :{


Do they stop you from signing on?


Actually, i'm sure its quite the opposite!!!!!

Altura Night Vision Evo 2012 cycling jacket £79.99 @ CyclesportsUK
Posted 27th Oct 2012Posted 27th Oct 2012
Altura Night Vision Evo 2012 cycling jacket £79.99 @ CyclesportsUK£79.99
Cycle Sport uk have the Altura night vision evo cycling jacket for £79.99 (all colours and sizes at time of posting) RRP £99.99, if you cycle this is a fab jacket with great review… Read more
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evo is far better but as someone said depends what you want - best to try them on - they have them in evans stores who also will price match most stores/online stores


only jackets better are Gore ones but they are £2-300+


eh? why? the evo is windproof!


nope it was £99.99 at very, but i had £50 of vouchers and £30 for opening a new account, so £80 off well worth the money - i cycle 5 miles to work in a polo shirt and this jacket, nothing else needed on top!


Windproof is not waterproof generally. It depends entirely on what your motivation for buying the jacket is. I wear a windproof jacket underneath my Nightvision Evo jacket.