Cyclists - Winter is coming - Cateye Bikelights - £18.99 @ wiggle

Cyclists - Winter is coming - Cateye Bikelights - £18.99 @ wiggle

Found 1st Sep 2017
Good set of bike lights. Others have these at £30 and less than £19 including delivery seems good to me. Lights use AA and AAA batteries are easy to attach to bike (and remove for when you lock the bike up). Intermittent and constant options. Perhaps front is not good enough outside of lit areas in the dark - any recommendations for a good front light for unlit areas?
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The same set is £16.73 at Tredz or £17.99 at Evan's Cycles. Not such a hot deal now, is it?
I'd recommend something like this for some decent up front light in unlit areas.…KQ/
The set at Evans for £17.99 is a different set eg the rear light has three not five LEDs. the front light is different too. The equivalent set is £29.99…653. I had one of these sets and they are not as good as the one I posted hence the price difference.
Uh oh. Dissenting voices in the lycra ranks.
Seems expensive for penlight battery operated lights. I have some older cateye lights and while fine they weren't any better than the generic chinese lights that took the same batteries. For this sort of money I'd hope to get a li-ion battery pack and easy recharging. I'd add the extremely low self-discharge rate of li-ion batteries plus you can recharge at any discharge level is better than nicad and nimh rechargable penlight batteries. Just means its much easier to know you have a good charge for your journey.
I brought a Cree Torch (non rechargeable) and holder and in that way I can move it between bikes easily including my station bike.This cateye front light is pretty weak I use it in daylight for a flashing light only.
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