Cyclo 105H GPS Cycling Computer With Heart Rate Monitor - £69.99 @ Wheelies

Cyclo 105H GPS Cycling Computer With Heart Rate Monitor - £69.99 @ Wheelies

Found 27th Apr 2016
Mio 105H gps cycling computer, was £170 now £69.99 good alternative to a Garmin.
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Wow. Hot. Very tempting. Poor reviews on Amazon though so I think I'l leave it alone
Makes me wonder if it is cheap for a reason. Hate to sound skeptical though. I bought my wife a Tomtom runner & since regret not paying a bit extra for a Garmin (I have an Edge 520 & Forerunner 230, previously had an Edge 200)
TomTom runner is not that bad. Obviously no use for cycling. I have multisport and it's decent enough.
I doubt this will be any good though. Very poor reviews.
I managed to get one of these (without the HR monitor) for £20 from Wiggle, who price matched Halfords, and also managed to pick up a speed/cadence sensor for £5 from halfords too. My normal computer is a 305, but I use the 105 for commuting in all weathers.

It's a really nice piece of tech, however does have a few niggles which you have to find shortcuts around:
- I've had to put my weight at half what it actually is and it was over reporting calories burnt vs my 305/strava
- I have to use a different computer to the 305 as the software is very basic and won't let me sync two different devices.
- all of a sudden it has started reporting back more miles than I actually covered (62 instead of 52). I think this is to do with the speed/cadence sensor.
- mio have forgotten their devices - no updates and barely any support out there

On the plus side:
- waterproof
- battery life is very good
- easy to read customisable display
- easy to sync to different sensors
- quick to get a GPS signal + accurate

Just be sure to update the firmware.

Would I buy for this price? Probably not.
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