Cypress Hill - Black Sunday (CD) - £2.99 @ HMV, Play and Amazon

Cypress Hill - Black Sunday (CD) - £2.99 @ HMV, Play and Amazon

Found 16th May 2011Made hot 16th May 2011
Great Album

1. I Wanna Get High
2. I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
3. Insane In The Brain
4. When The Ship Goes Down
5. Lick A Shot Listen
6. Cock The Hammer
7. Interlude
8. Li'l Putos
9. Legalise It
10. Hits From The Bong
11. What Go Around Come Around Kid
12. A To The K
13. Hand On The Glock
14. Break 'em Off Some



You it heard on the radio
You seen it on the TV show, A to the K
A to the m*** Z


I want to get high... so high

quality seen these at leeds lol

Modern Hip Hop could learn a thing or 2 from these guys, awesome album

amazing album. Defo in my top 10 albums of all time.


I have this somewhere from like 1992 or something.
great album.

What an album!! They don't make hip hop like this anymore

Showing as £3.99 now?

so good i have 2 copies

insane in the membrane - insane in the brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Cuz I put away the shotgun
Bought me a Glock
Took a little trip to the funky weed spot
Tried to jack me
But homie got shot
La la la la la la la la

Showing at £3.66 for me at hmv, but £2.99 at Play and Amazon

"Tell Bill Clinton to go and inhail"....ahhhh this takes me back!

"Like Louis Armstrong played the trumpet,
I'll hit that bong and break you off something.
Soon I got to get my props.
Cops come and try to snatch my crops."

One of my fave albums of all time - have some heat!

Absolute classic album.
*puts on Tim Westwood voice*
'Heavy hit after heavy hit baby'

Great album for a great price. Have some heat

We (HUKD) ain't going out like that, we ain't going out like that, we ain't going out¡¡ lol HOT album
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