D-link 2Bay NAS enclosure -WAS £155 now £49.99 @ Dabs

D-link 2Bay NAS enclosure -WAS £155 now £49.99 @ Dabs

Found 16th Feb 2011
With the latest firmware installed, you will be able to download files without even switching on a computer: the officially licensed BitTorrent client lets you build your download list by simply uploading the torrent file or entering its web address in the web-based manager.

This Network Storage Enclosure enables users at home or in the office to share files across the network and over the Internet via the built-in FTP server. Connected to your router, it also provides a invaluable back-up of your files in case of system failure or virus damage to your computer. Back-up software is included with the product.

The DNS-323 accommodates up to two 3.5" SATA hard drives of any capacity (HD not included). Tools or cables are not required for setup. Simply slide the front cover, insert the drive(s) and slide the front cover back.

Content stored on the DNS-323 can be streamed to compatible media players, such as those found in D-Link's MediaLounge product line. That is done by the built-in UPnP AV media server, and this does not require a computer to be turned on. The DNS-323 also features an iTunes Server. When enabled, the DNS-323 will be automatically detected in the iTunes program, which means the software will be able to find and play music directly from the DNS-323.

The DNS-323 also includes a Gigabit port for better transfer speeds, a USB print server and power-saving features.
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+ £4.27 delivery
Great price, wont work with PS3/360

Great price, wont work with PS3/360

Awesome price. Ordered one! Was going to buy the sharecenter but this is alot better!
Cheer mate
Noob q here, how does this compare to the netgear one that comes up at around this price regularly (but gets bad reviews)
Good price, reviews on the Dabs site are pretty solid. Would loe it if I could afford it..
Works fine with PS3. Had one since it's release and watched the firmware updates add new support and new features over the years.
Makes a great web server too with fun_plug add on.
I have one of these and it is a great device. Got 2 x 2TB drives in RAID 1 (mirror) and works perfectly so far for the past 12 months.


It doesn't support DLNA

It doesn't support DLNA

This thread seems to say otherwise....


Just sharing my experience of using the DNS-323 as a media server for a … Just sharing my experience of using the DNS-323 as a media server for a PS3...pretty positive overall so I'm happy enough.The 1.04 firmware upgrade means that the PS3 can now access video and photo content served up by the UPnP server built into the 323. So far I've tried MPEG-1 (from backed-up video CDs), MPEG-2 (from backed-up DVDs) and some WMV-HD sample content too. It all works flawlessly

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This does support external USB drives out of the box but it looks like it can with a bit of hacking:


Looks like a great price to me, a couple of mirrored 2Tb drives would be nice.
Great price for a NAS...

Great price, wont work with PS3/360

Yes it does ! I hate when people on this site spout the first thing that comes to mind !!


It doesn't support DLNA

It does, the firmware from about 3 years ago added PS3/360 compatibility

you can also run twonky on it to transcode if you feel the need
Just a tip - can order from BT Shop instead for same price but only £1.50 shipping instead. 3% Quidco instead of 2% too...
I already have 2 of these @ home and they're great. At this price I've ordered another for a spare...
Just ordered 1 for my 1tb and 2tb spare hard drives! Looking forward to putting me content on them via USB 2.0 as my netgear duo takes ages!
You can stream 1 x HD video to any one device including the PS3 or 2-3 x SD videos to other devices simultaneously.
The Marvell chip plus built-in driver in this box can't fully drive the 1GB Ethernet so expect up to about 18MB/sec max. (Same for most Linux based NAS devices)
If you root this device and boot to a custom O/S like Debian. The new Ethernet driver will then allow for about 25MB/sec max which is fair.
I would not use this as a desk side storage module as it's a little too loud when the fan kicks in. It's definitely one for the loft.
Also, iTunes support does not mean full iTunes support. Don't expect all the iTunes features.
DNLA is fine but it's not a full DNLA implementation. The PS3 fails to understand media if you have too many nested directories or if the file names contain strange characters. You will then get a DNLA error in the top right hand corner of the PS3 screen if you have this issue. So keep your media files simple.
I recommend streaming m2ts files to the PS3 as this is one of the native Blu Ray container formats that the PS3 supports.
Works amazingly and I almost never get frame drops for all my ripped movies.
does this support squeezebox?
1p cheaper on ebuyer plus free delivery saves you £4.28

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Ordered, hopefully another scan deal on 2Tb drives will pop up soon.
Bargain! I have one and it works superbly. Got a couple of Samsung 1TB drives in it and it works fantastically with my PS3 plus handy place to backup from my main PC.
I can't speak more highly of this device. Had one for a good few years now and it does work with the PS3 depending on which firmware version it's running. As stated elsewhere, installing Twokey is the way forward. Bargain at £50.
wish it was 4 bay and twice the price
Perfect for a Squeezebox Server. Thanks OP!
This and 2 x 2TB drives would be plenty I think. Good deal.
obviously some of you think the ebuyer deal better too as the stock is going down quickly.
It is an awesome device. I don't know why people leave -ve comments without actually knowing the facts.

This device is worth if it was going to 100£. It can run entire Linux distribution on it, you can choose to make the distro as primary OS, or run in CHROOT. It also support fun_plug which allows you to install lot of custom software without actually modifying the device at all.

I have it in my living room, unless I am deaf ( doubt I am ). I can not hear anything, no noise, and it is up 24x7. I sometimes sleep on sofa, and I have never woken up with the noise from NAS ( I am a light sleeper too ). So the person reporting it to be noisy, either check your hearing or check your FAN!.

I am running Full Debian 5.0 on it, with Samba, NZBGet, transmission, Fuppes, Lighttpd. These are always running, and the uptime on device is 267 days. It does all unpacking/unraring etc etc without a hicup. Why would I complain about it?

I really am new to all this NAS stuff. Would this act as a network mounted hard drive, with the power to download things from the internet without any computer assistance. I.E. Can I ue this to do all my downloading for me? I download loads from Hotfile. I don't use torrents.

I would really appreciate some help here, as I'm interested in the purchase.

Bomster, you are going to need something like JDownloader headless. Instructions on how to do that are here. there migth be better way to do it


And yes it can do all you ask for and more

Bomster, you are going to need something like JDownloader headless. … Bomster, you are going to need something like JDownloader headless. Instructions on how to do that are here. there migth be better way to do it[url=http://service.jdownloader.net/old/wiki.jdownloader.org/indexd69d.html?title=Running_On_A_Headless_Linux_Server]http://service.jdownloader.net/old/wiki.jdownloader.org/indexd69d.html?title=Running_On_A_Headless_Linux_Server[/url]And yes it can do all you ask for and more

Cheers for the response. Ordered! I run jDownloader atm on my Mac, so I'm glad to hear it will run on here too :).
This looks great. Been waiting for a well regarded NAS enclosure to come up at a good price. This seems to fit the bill!

Can anyone link to some decent drives to put in it? (Presumably I can bung a single 500Mb drive in to start with then add a second an configure it to mirror via RAID 1?)

So the person reporting it to be noisy, either check your hearing or … So the person reporting it to be noisy, either check your hearing or check your FAN!.HOT!

Logic dictates that if I can hear the fan and you can't then it's you that should check your hearing or check your FAN! ;-)
For those of you will a little more sensitive hearing, the fan can be set in many different modes including off until hot. We won't go into LM sensors or GPIO based fan control but trust me that I know what I'm talking about. Thermal mechanical design and compliance was a former job of mine.
i have a ready nas at the moment, could i run a second nas from my router as well?
Excellent deal. Must...resist...

I already have a NAS too, but popping 2 spare HDDs in this would provide me with another backup source.
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At £50 it's worth a go and I've got a couple of old 1TB's that would fit nicely

Very tempted to get one, I presume I can use it locally using a crossover … Very tempted to get one, I presume I can use it locally using a crossover cable direct to my desktop?

Why would you want to though?
If it's not for serving/backup across a network, and jut to connect to one PC then an external USB drive would be cheaper, most of the time faster (as cheap NAS drives are not usually blisteringly fast); and all in all, a lot less hassle.

If you want to stream to two or more PCs or backup to them, then adding this is a good idea, plugs into the router and would give access to files without having to leave a server PC on all the time, saving power.
This looks good! Finding it REALLY hard not to buy this as I already have a NAS but its got soooo much more on top of what mine can do

Some one buy the rest of the stock and at least that will make my decision easy! (Please Hurry!)
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