D-Link DCS-932L cloud camera £24.47 @ Amazon

D-Link DCS-932L cloud camera £24.47 @ Amazon

Found 25th Jul 2017
Firstly this camera is not perfect by any means.When viewing the picture the sound can be crackly BUT if you are wanting something which will give you just a bit of piece of mind then this is good.I have it to look at the family pets when we're out and I have one under the porch.The biggest plus for me is the easy setup.It doesn't record but can send you text or email alerts.
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The price isn't at all high but I think that this is an item to which the old adage "Buy cheap, Buy twice" applies.
A lot of people who bought these gave up after being unable to configure them.
Since I'm sure that almost everyone who uses HUKD is sure that they're are way smarter than the average user, I'd expect most of them to struggle setting it up.
The good reviews are mostly from people who bought the, far more expensive, thicko-proof model.

VGA CMOS sensor (640 x 480 pixels)

It is cheap for a reason.
I have one similar to this, the picture is clearly low quality but then i don have problems streaming the video over a poor WiFi collection (like when i'm abroad). You can take a picture of any intruder but the quality would probably not be good enough to get a conviction. I have an alarm that rings me if it goes off so for me this is fine as a way of identifying if someone is in the house or if it's a false alarm.
I have this and it was pretty straightforward to setup at first.

When I tried setting up with a new router then it was a bit trickier but got there in the end.

It's ok for the price but not the best quality in the world. Ideal for keeping an eye on the dog whilst we are out though.
Who takes video of clouds anyway?

a pretty niche market I would have thought
This is a very old model still being sold. I still have it but it is very basic and low quality picture . Also camera is fixed and does not move. Negative
I purchased a Dlink camera a few weeks ago to keep an eye on an empty rental property, it does give you peace of mind.

The picture is not perfect, the sound is crackly, but is has given me a text message twice when people have entered the property (thankfully it was the letting agent on both occasions).......so HOT from me.
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