D-Link DHP-301 Powerline 200M HD Ethernet Adapter Kit £69.99 Delivered

D-Link DHP-301 Powerline 200M HD Ethernet Adapter Kit £69.99 Delivered

Found 25th Jul 2008
Cheapest I've seen branded 200 Mbps 'Home Plugs' for.

"Create a network utilising existing electrical wiring
Connect computers, media players, storage devices & games consoles
Up to 200Mbps speed
Total security with data encryption & VLAN isolation"
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Watch out for the idea that this design plugs into the SOCKET and may well cover up other outlets etc. Have a look at ZyXEL PLA-400 as an alternative - eg from scan LN21134 for similar price, albeit with delivery potentially.

bit vague as to whether thats one or two adapters, for two its a damm good price, for one meh below avg prob

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It is a Damn good price! Amazed this is still cold! There's a £30 saving here, compared with anywhere else !!! It's for 2, details say "2XDHP-300 POWERLINE 200M HD UK" It is a good price as I paid £130+ for a set of Develo 200Mbps plugs a few months ago. They are also less cumbersome than the PLA-400 which is a bulky seperate device attached to a plug, and costs £77.69 Delivered.

Also just realised in the description it states they have fe100 interfaces, so its 200mbs between units but only 100mbs out at each end?, bit pointless that. would have thought the would have put gigabit interfaces on
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