D-Link DSL-G624M MiMo Router Bundle £39.99 Del

D-Link DSL-G624M MiMo Router Bundle £39.99 Del

Found 27th Dec 2006
D-Links ADSL all in one MiMo router just got better with the addition of a MiMo note book card !!

* 802.11g 108Mbps Access Point
* Built-In ADSL2+ modem
* MiMo antenna tchnology giving better coverage
* WEP/WPA for maximum security
* Built in 4 port switch for maximum connectivity

In my opinion one of, if not the best modem router available. Comes with pcmcia notebook card.

Note MiMo is faster than the 108Mbps D-Link equipment offers and also offers a wider range of transmission. This router also allows for the WiFi signal to be compatible with the Extreme Speed D-Link tech at the same time as running the MiMo equipment.

This router alone was selling for £39.99 without delivery recently and I believe they sold out fast.

If anyone buys one but doesn't want the notebook card give me a pm or email and I might just buy it from you

Forgot to add cashback of 2% is available from Quidco.
- the.capt


Do you use the router yourself? I was tempted by this but most of the reviews I've read, both professional and user reviews rate this router as atrocious and to be avoided.


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I do as a matter of fact. It is a little out dated, but is better than most pre n tech.

My advise is neither buy the newest equipment as it is almost never fully functional and with the current availble pre n equipment there is no guarentee that it will work with the ratified .n technology.

It's a good product. Very nice range, solid connection, and the chipset is excellent for adsl2+ (unlike a lot of others which are incompetent with 2+).

Thanks for the pointer Nice price and good spec! Bargain ;-)


Thanks for this the.capt :thumbsup: good price!

thanks for the spot capt

Ordered + Quidco. Will let people know how I get on with it.

Voted Hot.

I'm waiting for an "N" router & card at a decent price, just for the extended range, then I might be able to use wifi in my lounge (thick walls).

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I'm waiting for an "N" router & card at a decent price, just for the … I'm waiting for an "N" router & card at a decent price, just for the extended range, then I might be able to use wifi in my lounge (thick walls).

The .n technology available on the current market isn't the fully ratified .n technology as ISO haven't ratified it yet and don't look to in the near future.

As such the available pre n. technology will probably be only compatible with other such equipment from the same range and manufacturer. But this really should be a given when using any WiFi equipment (Use equipment from the same range and manufactor).

Another probelm with the pre .n equipment is it may not be compatible with fully ratified .n equipment, so you are probably right to wait until it is cheap.

Another point is that .a,.b and .g WiFi has a throughput of data which is half what the equipment says it is (i.e. it states 54Mbps then is it 27Mbps). Also the WiFi signal (.a,.b and .g) only can send or recieve data at any one time, in a similar fashion to linking two computers with a crossover cable. MiMo and other pre .n equipment has a signal for recieving data and another for sending data which can be used at the same time.

In all,wired networks are faster (up to 1000Mbps through CAT 5e and 6 Ethernet cable) and hell of a alot more secure (WiFi security is a joke) and will be for the considerable future, even though WiFi is alot more convienent.

All good points, but if you are using it for sharing the internet connection of 1Mbps, the transfer speed being 27MBps vs 54MBps doesn't matter at all - weakest (slowest) link in the chain and all that.

Wifi also degrades its connection speed as signal degrades, I often see it step down to a 1Mb connection before the signal goes completelty.

I find it funny how I often use my 3G data card instead which gets a good signal, because wifi won't go through these 100 year old walls...

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End story wired networks are far better. WiFi sucks but it doesn't stop me from using it.

I've got this setup - can't complain at all. Excellent coverage

Price has now gone up to £49.99. Mine arrived yesterday - fantastic!

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still a good deal at £49.99 deliveried, with the MiMo PCMCIA card as well.

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back to £39.99 deliveried now.
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