DAB and FM Bluetooth Radio £24.99 @ Aldi

DAB and FM Bluetooth Radio £24.99 @ Aldi

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Found 6th Oct 2015
Great deal since no competition at this price point. Even the poorly styled August MB400s are £33

Compact, 20 Presets, 3yr warranty, alarm, LCD, Mains or Battery operated.

Wattage of speakers unknown. Might be a dud if less than 10W.
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It's a gamble
There was an Argos deal earlier this year for a DAB radio for around £11.99
Anyone spotted any cheap DAD/Internet WIfi combo radios' ?
thank you
Are Aldi having a laugh?. 30 quid for an own brand budget radio
Now is £24.99 in their website.
Updated, but still feel that £19.99 should be the target price for something like this.
Aldi should also state speaker RMS wattage. Do they expect us to buy blindly?
Reliability is questionable on these radios. First one I bought was DOA and the second one overheated the mains plug/transformer after 45mins. Got the refund. The sound quality was good though.
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