DAB Clock Radio £9.95 delivered @ ASDA

DAB Clock Radio £9.95 delivered @ ASDA

Found 30th Jul 2014
The ASDA Digital Clock radio is great for hassle-free wake up calls! It has an LCD red display screen so you can clearly set your alarm and see the time. It also features an AM/FM radio to listen to your favorite radio stations. Choose how what you want to wake up from having the alarm buzzer or your favorite radio station. And if you find it hard waking up, there is the wonderful snooze button for that extra 5 minutes!

£7.00 colelction in-store
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Nice description...tells me loads

Also, only £7.00 if you collect in-store
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Not DAB, just AM/FM.

I don't think this has a DAB receiver. Although the specifications indicates having DAB, the description only mentions AM/FM.

Not DAB, only AM/FM

According to the specs on the Asda site, it does state its DAB


According to the specs on the Asda site, it does state its DAB

Hit like by mistake, LOOK at the picture AM/FM

Its not LCD display, the pic clearly shows it has an LED display.
LED displays are only on am/fm radios...... Only DAB radios have LCD displays to display rolling text and other info.

Definitely only am/fm radio on this.
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