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Posted 25 January 2023

Dacia offers free hot water bottles, between 1st and 2nd February (Swansea / Manchester / London) @ Dacia

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BMW recently announced a £10 subscription to have heated seats and steering wheels, so Dacia , being Dacia, are having a little dig by giving out free hot water bottles, at selected locations, between 1st and 2nd Feb.

Bit random i know but hey, it's free

Dacia is taking a cheeky stab at manufacturers offering subscriptions for factory-fitted equipment - like BMW charging for heated seats, for example - by offering drivers of any car, not just Dacias, a free hot water bottle.

Rebranding the hot water bottles 'heated seat saviours", Renault-parented Dacia is aiming to prove that comfort shouldn't come at a monthly cost. It pointed out its top-trim Duster, Jogger and Sandero Stepway come with heated seats as standard.


"After picking up their hot water bottle," said Dacia, "motorists can safely fill it up as per the instructions provided and place it on their car seat (prior to driving) to warm it up."

Luke Broad, Dacia UK brand director noted how the 'heated seat saviours' were just a bit of fun, but said "they do highlight the direction the wider industry is going regarding subscription-based access to features. Asking someone to pay extra to activate factory-fitted equipment certainly isn’t Dacia".

Anyone is welcome to collect a Dacia-branded hot water bottle between 1 and 2 February at the Dacia showrooms in Brent Cross, London, Trinity Way Manchester and Fendrod Way, Swansea.

More details at Dacia Shop
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    how do i get the bottle please
    You know about the deal link, BIG ORANGE BUTTON ? (edited)
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    Amazing that a company reselling Rover 214 esk quality bin cars, on for profit, have the cheek to poke fun at other car brands. I agree the subscription is a bad idea.
    Dacia have established themselves, quite successfully, as a low-frills but great-value low-cost car brand. There's a reason why most motoring journalists love them and appreciate carving out a niche when generally cars are becoming more expensive and complex - some may be car / driving enthusiasts (myself included) but others just see a car as getting from A to B and Dacia, MG etc is a great option for them. I've not found the build quality to be poor for this price bracket - in fact Dacia rank higher in most reliability surveys than many premium brands (simplicity and less tech probably helps!)

    BMWs are fantastic to drive (even if they are getting uglier and uglier) but kudos to Dacia for poking fun at this idea - hopefully enough negative press will put off other brands implementing subscriptions for car features already present.
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    Already done its job, even if they only had one hot water bottle per location, as I for one wouldn't have heard about BMW's greedy heated seat subscription model otherwise.
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    That's because the heating is not working properly in their cars. You hear this from a Dacia veteran user!!
    My heating has worked perfectly well in the 4 Dacia cars I have owned
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    But are they also going to offer you the free hot water
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    This is a great way to double the value of a Dacia.
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    I heard hot water bottles are built to last 3 years, so chances are it'll last longer than the Dacia.
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    Not available in Scotland.
    Yeah, says the locations in title
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    If you buy the hot water bottle can you get the Sandero for free instead?
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    Just have a good fart .. it will warm up ya seat
    I don't fart, any other suggestions? (edited)