Dad's Army - Complete Series DVD Box Set - £29.99 @ Zavvi

Dad's Army - Complete Series DVD Box Set - £29.99 @ Zavvi

Found 25th Jan 2009
All 14 DVDs of the series - a good £10 cheaper than anywhere else.

The sitcom followed the farcical exploits of the Walmington-on-Sea platoon, led by Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe) and it ran on TV from 1968 to 1977. The story begins in May 1940 with Sir Anthony Eden's plea to men to come forward as Local Defence Volunteers. In the fictional town of Walmington, the pompous bank manager George Mainwaring declares himself commanding officer ("Times of peril always bring great men to the fore,") and gathers together a loyal but incompetent platoon of local men to defend the town against invasion.

Although reviewers initially criticised the series for mocking the Home Guard, the plotline was surprisingly realistic. The real Home Guard lacked uniforms and weapons at first, and the huge influx of volunteers meant that the organisation was quite shambolic. The age limit for recruits was supposed to be 65, but this was not enforced to begin with, allowing First World War veterans in their seventies and eighties to creep in.

Dad's Army had its own elderly, incontinent Private Godfrey, played by Arnold Ridley, who had fought in WW1 himself. The actor was seriously injured at the Somme, rendering his left arm almost useless, and leaving him susceptible to blackouts.

Among the rest of the cast were Clive Dunn (who simultaneously drew in a different audience as the chart-topping pop star 'Grandad'), Hattie Jacques' former husband, John le Mesurier and a baby-faced Ian Lavender, who has since resurfaced as Derek in EastEnders.

This box set features the entire collection of surviving episodes of the programme. Includes all nine surviving episodes from Series 1 and 2 and the complete series 3-9.


isn't zavvi in administration?


isn't zavvi in administration?

Yup. And?

Original Poster

Yes, which is probably why these are priced so cheaply

Not a bad price, I paid £34 delivered from cd wow before christmas and i didn't have to leave the house.

Asda were doing " Dads Army The Movie " for £2 instore which isn't in this collection.

is that including the 25% off?

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Yes it is.

hot deal i will get one tommow if i can find it

Not voted, but Dad's Army is TV Hell.


Not voted, but Dad's Army is TV Hell.


little ern;4185538


because it's on constant repeat.

AND is thrown on everytime the BBC have to change something, it's like the only reels they can find int he warehouse.

decent programme, but see no point in buying something on such heavy rotation.

Good deal - definitely not TV hell. Great fun Heat added.

Dads Army is TV heaven.
I couldn't care less how many times they show it on TV.
You can never get enough of classic TV comedy.
Voted Hot.

The Doctor...hate your avatar.
Reminds me of the wasp problems I had last year!

Got this myself from Zavvi today, where they were selling the individual DVDs of Dad's Army for £15.00 each (before 25% off), so this is a great deal. Heat and rep added.
(BTW, for me TV Hell is Big Brother!)
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